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Built for Oracle Netsuite

How can I get Support?

Please use the Support Ticket form below.

Which NetSuite modules do I need to run NextService?

NextService requires NetSuite Release 2018.1 with the following modules:

  • Locations
  • Projects
  • Accounting
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Sales Orders
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Custom Records
  • Client SuiteScript
  • Server SuiteScript
  • Server Pages
  • Suite Flow

A Chart of Accounts must be in place for installation of the NextService bundle.

How much does NextService cost?

NextService pricing is based on the unique requirements of each customer.  Please contact a Next Technik Account Executive for more information.

What is included in a standard NextService implementation?

Standard implementation includes configuration of all standard NextService features – from assets to the Scheduler, warranty and preventive maintenance to the NextService mobile app.  We also include a personalized Service Report, two basic mobile forms and two personalized NetSuite Saved Searches.

Will Next Technik train our users?

Next Technik provides training to our customers based on a “train the trainer” approach.  We provide three, one-and-a-half hour training sessions that are targeted at Service Administrators (up to 2 people) and Mobile Users (up to 6 people).  Standard training is delivered remotely, however other training options are available (on site, increased number of users or sessions).

Where are Next Technik Support personnel located?

Next Technik has Support personnel in the United States and Australia.  We can therefore respond to most queries at any time of day for users in almost any time zone.

What additional implementation services does Next Technik offer?

Next Technik’s Professional Services Organization offers the following additional implementation services (please contact us for a quote):

  • Data migration
  • Print ready forms
  • Complex mobile forms (calculations/graphics/tables)
  • Additional NetSuite Reports, Saved Searches or Dashboard set up
  • Multi Subsidiary set up
  • Customer Portal set up (NextService Case Form and or access to job status, field service tasks)
  • Vendor Portal set up (NextService access to job status, create field service tasks, access to Scheduler)
  • Additional user training and/or go live support


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Complete FAQs

Our complete FAQ section provides key information relating to NetSuite and NextService Billing, Transactions, Scheduler, Mobile, Troubleshooting and Deployment.

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Before Submitting a Support Ticket

Please see some questions and answers below that may be of assistance.

Who is my software agreement with?

Your software agreement for NextService is with Next Technik.

What’s happening to my contract?

On the anniversary of your renewal we will roll you onto a new contract with Next Technik.

We bought NetSuite and NextService through Klugo, does this impact us?

Klugo will continue to support both your NetSuite instance and NextService. The only difference is your software license renewal for NextService will come from Next Technik.

How do I find my NetSuite Account ID?

While logged into NetSuite click on Setup -> Company -> Company Information. Your Account ID is in the second column.

NetSuite Company Information

Where does support come from?

We have local support teams in Melbourne – Australia and Dallas TX – USA. Depending on your location support will be provided from your time zone.

I’m confused about NextService and Next Technik!

NextService is a product developed by Next Technik. We plan to develop more products on the NetSuite platform just like NextService!

How do I request more mobile licenses if I need them?

If you purchased NetSuite and NextService through a NetSuite / NextService Solution Provider, your partnership is with the Solution Provider and your
Account Manager can help with additional mobile licenses.

If you have purchased the software direct with Next Technik you can request additional mobile licenses by sending an email to or by contacting your Account Manager.

What devices does the NextService Mobile support?

The NextService mobile app works on Android, iOS, laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones ~ anything with an HTML browser. There is no app store to deal with, you simply email your technician the link from NetSuite. They click on it and save the app to their screen.

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