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August 16, 2022

TPC Construction Management Services

TPC Construction Management Services used Next Service’s diverse and deeply-integrated capabilities to manage their operations better than ever before and consistently take performance to new heights.


Location: Roswell, Georgia, USA
Industry: Residential and commercial painting


  • Advises painting companies on operational efficiency
  • Provides outsourcing services for financial, human resources, marketing, and administrative functions
  • Assists partners in implementing NetSuite and Next Service

About TPC Construction Management Services

TPC Construction Management Services works closely with top management inside its partner companies to guide them, help them make key decisions, and serve as their corporate office for some functions. The partner companies outsource much of their financial, marketing, and human resources activities to TPC.

The partners include:
• Atlanta Painting Company, established in 2006, has become one of north Georgia’s most prominent residential painting companies.
• Southeastern Commercial Painting, based in Roswell, Georgia, specializes in senior living, multifamily and hospitality markets.
• State 28 Painting, through its persistent dedication to customer satisfaction, has grown to become one of the most trusted painting companies in Dallas, Texas.
• Nashville Painting Company built its reputation on providing customers with the highest level of service and quality.

After convincing its partners that outmoded systems and processes would hamper their growth and profitability, TPC helped them identify and implement two integrated solutions: Next Service and Oracle’s NetSuite. In just a few months later, TPC’s partners are already seeing significant improvements in efficiency, reporting, and communications throughout their field and back-office operations.

Business Challenges

TPC Construction Management Services helps painting companies overcome common challenges so they can manage their businesses efficiently.

“Often, we see painting companies using a mix of automated systems, semi-automated tools, communication channels, and manual processes to handle their field service, billing, and reporting activities,” said Heather Roberson, TPC’s Director of Customer Experience. “For example, some of our partners used Google Calendar and email for scheduling. Data had to be entered in multiple places, leaving room for error and unreliable reporting and inefficient processes.”

The biggest challenges faced by TPC’s partners, Roberson noted, were communications and reporting.

Information between the field and office personnel typically flowed through multiple channels, including voice, text, email, and communications tools such as Slack. To find something specific, employees had to look in multiple places and then consolidate that information with information from other sources.

With information residing in diverse places, reporting was slow, inefficient, and often incomplete. “Some of our partners could not track revenue at the project level,” said Roberson. “Their estimates on labor and materials were often inaccurate. Getting timely, accurate service reports was difficult, and they also struggled with billing.”

Why TPC Chose NetSuite + Next Service

TPC’s partners needed to replace multiple outmoded systems with better technology to sustain their long-term growth. To help its partners streamline their field service and internal business operations, TPC Construction Management Services began looking for a way to manage information for multiple functions on a unified, cloud-based platform.

“Our comptroller’s husband has extensive knowledge of NetSuite and strongly recommended it,” said Roberson. “Next Service, in turn, was recommended by NetSuite when we mentioned the importance of having one system to manage both the office and field sides of a partner’s business. The fact that the two worked seamlessly together made the choice a no-brainer.”

TPC became a Next Service customer in April 2021 and began helping the partner companies implement it, one by one.

Business Impact for TPC

Although TPC’s partners are in the early months of using Next Service, all are already achieving benefits.

The painting companies are making good use of Next Service’s capabilities for scheduling and service changes. Roberson said she expects the benefits will expand as they gain familiarity with the system’s flexibility, ease of use, and configuration flexibility.

Next Service has also dramatically simplified a formerly troublesome task: Service reports from the job site. The Next Service mobile app enables field managers and technicians to breeze through checklists and complete service reports quickly. All information generated or updated in the field is instantly accessible by management and back-office personnel.

“Now the project managers just go to the job site checklist and checkboxes,” Roberson explained. “Everything is right there—check, check!—and all the data flows directly into NetSuite. Submitting the checklist triggers an automatic email of the report to the people who need it.”

According to Roberson, having all information—from job schedules and work orders to forms and invoices—in one place is making substantial improvements in efficiency for TPC’s partners. She believes the efficiencies will soon result in measurable cost savings.

She added that TPC partners also see vastly improved internal communications between the field and the office.

“It’s now so much easier for project managers in the field to change a job’s status—for example, the job is completed or needs to be extended by two days. When they make a change, the office staff knows immediately, without anyone texting, emailing, or calling. It’s just a quicker, more efficient way to communicate—and definitely the biggest benefit so far. Once we are a little further along with implementation, we will be freeing up time for project coordinators, schedulers, and salespeople to be able to handle more tasks,” Roberson said.

Roberson is also pleased with Next Service’s short learning curve. Even though she doesn’t use the system as a field manager or a back-office person, she has learned to use the system just by watching others demonstrate Next Service features on Zoom calls.

“Before implementing Next Service, our partners were either not getting information they needed from the field in a timely manner, or they were looking in multiple places to get the information, which could be in an email, a text message, or a Slack channel. Now they’re getting information right away, it’s more accurate, and important things aren’t getting missed or dropped. I can definitely see us saving money from Next Service over time.” – Heather Roberson

Looking Ahead

Roberson reiterated that TPC partners are still learning what Next Service can achieve for them. She expects system benefits to soar as users further embrace existing capabilities and new capabilities become available.

One of TPC’s short-term priorities is a customized Next Service mobile app quality control feature. It will enable field teams to upload project photos and include descriptions and estimated resolution dates on any areas that need touch-up painting. “This will help us tremendously in giving the customer a better experience by being proactive on any issues that may arise during a project,” she said.

Roberson also plans to take advantage of the Next Service mobile app’s signature capture feature and to continue streamlining invoicing and payment processing. For example, field employees can now edit the “Crew Payment Amount” in the mobile app, and the updates automatically flow through to the work order. Project managers can then access this information through a saved search, ensuring the accuracy of customer invoices. “In the near future, I see us taking advantage of additional scheduler features such as color coding and setting up regions,” she added.

“We’re just scratching the surface on what Next Service is capable of. I feel like we’re just getting started,” Roberson said.

Construction Services
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    -Advises painting companies on operational efficiency -Provides outsourcing services for financial, human resources, marketing, and administrative functions -Assists partners in implementing NetSuite and Next Service
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