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February 21, 2020

Checkpoint Systems

Checkpoint Systems used the combined powers of Next Service and NetSuite to improve the speed, accuracy, and scale of their service operations and drive revenue to new heights.


Location: Wantirna, Vic, Australia
Industry: Retail Security Systems
Services: Installation, Repairs & Maintenance
Employees: 58
Field Staff: 120 (11 using Next Service)

About Checkpoint

Checkpoint Systems delivers vertically-integrated RF/RFID solutions for retail businesses, built on 50 years of radio frequency technology expertise, and utilizing innovative high-theft and loss prevention solutions, market-leading software, RFID hardware, and comprehensive labelling capabilities to brand, secure, and track merchandise from source to shelf.

Through a combination of software, hardware, labels, tags, and connected cloud-based solutions, Checkpoint optimizes retail operations and efficiency with real-time data delivered throughout the supply chain and in-store, resulting in improved profitability and an enriched consumer experience.

Business Challenges

Before Next Service, Checkpoint was processing paperwork in the field, creating documents in PDF format, and then re-entering them into the back-office system before manually sending them out to customers.

There was also a lot of cross-checking of spare parts to be added to a job before closing it off, and a lack of visibility for field technicians on what stock they had on hand in their vans.

Scheduling of jobs was also more challenging because they were using spreadsheets that did not have the same visual scheduling capabilities.

This caused:

  • A lot of double-handling of paperwork and information
  • Time delays in the receipt of information
  • Loss of stock due to difficulties in tracking parts
  • Considerable administrative oversight to manage jobs

Checkpoint Systems Case Study - High Level Shelves

“Having job history available on the mobile has meant technicians aren’t wasting time triaging a problem. They can see what has been tried before and quickly move on to other possible resolutions. That’s saved us a lot of time.” ~ Vicky Hollis, Field Service Administration Manager

Why Checkpoint Chose Next Service

Checkpoint opted to go with Next Service because it offered a one-system solution for the business.

They also liked the capabilities that would allow them to:

  • Implement a paperless system
  • Schedule, allocate, and move jobs around with ease
  • Quickly see technician availability and activities

“I’ve reduced our fixed overheads by $200k per annum.” ~ Vicky Hollis, Field Service Administration Manager

Business Impact of Implementing Next Service

Checkpoint has rolled out Next Service to their service technicians so far and will be shortly trialing it for their contractors.

Although they’ve opted to use Next Service for just repairs and maintenance so far, they’ve already seen a significant impact on their business.


  • Now fully paperless, meaning a 100% reduction in paper usage and related postage costs
  • Paperwork is now already populated so that technicians just have to complete the job

Administrative Load

  • Saving 5 hours per day typing information in NetSuite
  • Have reduced fixed overheads by $200,000 per annum
  • Have been able to reduce their administrative headcount by 1

Invoicing & Payment

  • Invoicing is now fully electronic, so when a job gets invoiced, it attaches the service report, photos, and invoice and is auto-emailed to the customer.
  • Bills are getting out faster, with customers receiving their invoices 3-4 days earlier

Response Times

  • Job response times have improved. 80% of jobs are responded to more quickly.
  • Asset history on hand means technicians get the job done faster and don’t waste time, knowing what’s been done by previous technicians.

Stock Management

  • No need for cross-checking spare parts when closing jobs; now fully handled by technicians
  • Technicians able to consume parts from their van and immediately impact inventory management levels


  • Techs can now see job history for a client, so they’re saving time by not repeating solutions that have already been tried
  • Scheduling is visual and easy to use and update

Field Mobility

  • Technicians are now able to do everything on their mobile phones, so they don’t have to worry about hot-spotting or using additional devices
  • Forms are now fully digitized, allowing techs to take photos and include them in the invoicing process


Key Business Outcomes for Checkpoint

Implementing Next Service has generated measurable improvements for Checkpoint, based on the original challenges they were facing.

Challenge Outcomes with Next Service
Paperwork was inefficient with lots of double-handling, manual data entry, and sending to clients Processes are now fully digitized with a 100% reduction in physical paperwork. Forms are now also digital and pre-populated so that field technicians can focus on completing the job. Photos are included automatically with invoicing.
Delays in processing of jobs and issuing invoices Everything now happens in real-time, so processing is much faster. Automation of steps has allowed customers to get their invoices 3-4 days sooner.
Manual management of scheduling and lack of visibility The Next Service Scheduler allows them to see where technicians are and what work they have completed. It’s also now easy to see who is available and quickly allocate jobs, even at night for on-call resources.
Delays in responding to reactive work orders Ease of scheduling and improved visibility means that 80% of jobs are responded to faster.
Lack of visibility over stock levels and use of spare parts Transferred ownership of consuming parts to technicians which resulted in a reduction in administration by $70,000pa. Technicians can now see what they’ve got on hand in the van.
No visibility of technicians over past jobs or previous solutions No longer trying the same thing to fix problems because technicians can see what someone else has tried, which is saving time triaging problems and doubling up on solutions.

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