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Optimize scheduling of individuals, teams and crews. Track the status of every job and technician in real-time.

Schedule Individuals and Teams
Flexible Filters
Real Time Job/Technician Status
Mobile Emulation
Built for Oracle Netsuite

Simplify Scheduling of Individuals and Teams

The NextService Scheduler makes it easy to schedule individual technicians or crews. Once a job has been scheduled using our drag-and-drop interface, team members can be added (or deleted), date(s) or time(s) changed and new information added with just a few clicks.
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Schedule Individuals and Teams

Schedule individuals or teams from within NetSuite. Jobs are color-coded by priority to ensure the most important work receives proper attention. Schedule work that lasts an hour, a day, a week - any time period that's appropriate. Pop-ups enable office personnel to quickly access job details - customer, location, customer asset, tasks and more.

Flexible Filters

The Scheduler's flexible filtering capabilities enable office personnel to view technician availability by: various date views (1 day, 3 day, 7 day, 30 day, or whatever time period is appropriate), technician skill, technician, region, labor cost and job type. Filter views ensure that the right technician will be assigned to the right job - every time.

Real Time Job/Technician Status

Color coding is used to display the status of every job. Jobs turn green when work is in progress and grey when completed. Additionally, the map view shows the location of every technician in near real-time. Office personnel can easily assign new work to the closest technician whose skills match job requirements.

Mobile Emulation

The NextService Scheduler includes the unique ability to emulate a technician's mobile app. Office personnel can view all the information seen by the technician - as they see it. The mobile emulation is a great way to help technicians who might have questions on how to fill out a form or checklist. It is also useful as a method to deliver training to new technicians in the field.

Status of Your Service Business - Updated

The NextService Scheduler displays the status of your service business in real-time - in a single display. Job priorities, technician location, job status, technician availability - are constantly updated to ensure that information is always accurate.
  • Increase technician productivity – assign the right technician to jobs that match his/her skills. Use mobile emulation to aid in resolution of problems or questions.
  • Improve office efficiency – displays technician job/status.  Use pop-ups for instant access to job details – customer, location, task(s), customer asset, etc.
  • Create repeat customers – assign the right technician to the right job – every time.
  • Boost profitability – assign high priority to the most important, or profitable jobs.
  • Perform more first time fixes – filter by technician skill, region, job type to ensure the right technician is assigned to every task.
  • Grow your business – Scheduler provides a snapshot of your service business in real time.  Make the right decisions based on real-time information.

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Our product guide details everything you need to know about NextService, the world's leading Built for NetSuite Native Field Service Software.

Headland Machinery

Headland is an Australian owned and operated, multi-generation family company, with a strong history of supplying machinery and services to the manufacturing industry. Managing expensive repair parts to and from the field was critical to regain inventory control.
The NextService Scheduler has helped Headland make better use of our field resources - and serve our customers better. It's easy to see what is happening in the field and how to schedule important work more quickly.
Kylie Cane General Manager, Service & Operations
Headland using NextService Software For Work Order Management

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