Customer Engagement Software

Build better relationships and improve customer service.
Grow brand recognition and increase repeat business.

Build Your Brand
Improve Customer Service
Establish Better Relationships
Generate More Repeat Business
Built for Oracle Netsuite

Build Your Brand

Members of your field service organization are your company's most important brand ambassadors. NextService's flexible mobile app enables field service personnel to access information about their customers and their work history quickly and easily.
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Retain Current Customers

NextService enables field service organizations to learn more about their existing customers - and provide better, and MORE services based on that knowledge.

Improve Customer Service

The NextService Mobile App provides technicians with a complete service history of every customer asset. Service history enables technicians to provide more efficient service and limit return trips or second time fixes.

Grow Service Revenue

Customer knowledge - and NextService automation enables companies to implement and efficiently execute service contracts and preventive maintenance.

Raise the Bar

NextService's mobile app enables companies to ensure that tasks are executed completely - and in order. Process standardization helps companies ''raise the bar'' for efficiency in the field.

NextService Software Configuration

Watch this 2-minute video and learn some features of the industry-leading scheduler for NetSuite that lets you engage better with your customers.

Software Features

Empower your NetSuite installation with greater visibility and more accurate and timely job completion information. Boost NetSuite Native CRM Capabilities.
Get a full history of your customers jobs and assets and boost NetSuite native CRM capabilities.

Asset Management

Manage client assets by either the serial number or physical location and keep a full history of all inspection, installation and defects or repairs. Gain a complete overview of your customers including a detailed report of all assets under management as well as scheduled and break-fix maintenance.

NextService dashboard: manage assets by location easily
NextService Scheduler for NetSuite enables easier customer engagement.

Customer Engagement

Turn customers into brand ambassadors with excellent customer service. Ensure that technicians have the information they need to do the job right improving your First Time Fix Rate. With a customizable and colour-coded scheduler track all planned, in progress and completed jobs and choose the right person for the job.

Multidevice Mobile 360° View

Empower your field team’s phones and tablets with historical information and current customer information providing them with industry-leading customer service tools. Collect more data from the field that can be used to improve operational efficiency and decision making in real-time. Streamline service and billing in the field.

NextService App for tablets and mobile devices enables the technician for better customer service.

How We Improve Customer Engagement

To be able to provide true customer engagement from the field, you need real-time information across all functions of your business.
Manufacturing Maintenance Software

NextService utilizes the power of NetSuite across all functional areas to improve customer engagement. Real time information is provided from the field ensuring fast decision making, efficient deployment of resources, complete inventory accountability and 360 degree metrics to measure, track, grow and improve performance.

If you actively manage customer relationships and provide responsive and valuable services, customers will be retained, they will grow with you and they will recommend you to others.

Build Better Customer Relationships

Service history in the palm of your hand.
  • Build your brand (with great service)
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase the number of first time fixes
  • Improve technician efficiency
  • Grow service revenue
  • Turn customers into brand advocates
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Headland Machinery

Headland is an Australian owned and operated, multi-generation family company, with a strong history of supplying machinery and services to the manufacturing industry. Providing unmatched customer service is a core tenet of the business.
Headland has measurably improved customer satisfaction using NextService. Every technician can now view the customer and machine history instantly from the mobile app.
Kylie Cane General Manager, Service & Operations
Headland using NextService Software For Work Order Management

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Improve customer engagement by providing your field service teams with real-time asset and customer information.

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