Asset Management Software for NetSuite

Manage fixed assets, customer assets, and sub-assets and retain their complete service history. Automate maintenance and warranty service schedules. Track assets’ entire life cycles. Eliminate the need for costly field service technology investments as your business grows.

Asset History & Hierarchy
Preventive Maintenance
Warranty Work
Mobile Access
Full Life Cycle Management
Built for Oracle Netsuite

Asset Management for Field Service Operations

NextService FSM software is built in, on, and for the NetSuite ERP and can evolve with your business and meet your ever-changing asset management needs. Leverage the power of a unified solution for asset management in field service operations. Manage assets -- yours and your customers' -- across multiple sites and optimize their performance with extensive features, such as:

Full Asset Visibility

Manage and track assets with parent/child relationships that are configurable and scalable. NextService provides full visibility of asset hierarchy, history, usage, and dynamic updates.

Safety & Compliance

Ensure your assets are operating safely and within compliance guidelines with Audit Trails and the ability to recall on demand.

Lifecycle Costs

Costs are associated with every stage of an asset’s life cycle. Track and manage all of them with NextService, including manufacturing, BOM, warranties, and more.

Reporting & Metrics

Track metrics for failure rate, fix rate, labor utilization and more. Profitability reporting provides business intelligence that drives decision-making for asset repair and replacement.

Installation & Commissioning

NextService delivers next-level asset visibility throughout an asset’s entire lifecycle -- from installation and commissioning to decommissioning or sale.

MRO Parts Management

Track the parts and supplies required for asset operation and maintenance – from consumption and replenishment to procurement.

Preventative Maintenance

Optimize asset performance and ROI with automated time-based or condition-based, preventative maintenance scheduling and easily accessible maintenance KPIs and SLAs.

Document Management

Lose the paper trail with digitized documents. Manage PDFs, photos, manuals, reports, checklists, and more -- all in one place and from any device.


Understand the differences between the two.

The two most common asset management systems are CMMS and EAMS. CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) starts tracking after an asset has been purchased and installed, while an EAMS (Enterprise Asset Management System) can track the whole asset life cycle, starting with design and installation.

A CMMS is an attractive solution for small maintenance operations that need a simple way to manage work orders, equipment records, and parts and inventory. Whereas, an EAMS includes maintenance management capabilities (CMMS), but considers the total cost of ownership (TCO) for a company’s physical assets. It provides a wider range of features to track, manage, and analyze asset performance and costs throughout the entire asset lifecycle, from acquisition to decommission and everything in-between.

So, which one is right for your business?

Learn Why You Don't Have to Choose

Empower Your Team & Increase Productivity

Field service mobility that empowers team members and increases productivity.

Our asset management solution enables increased productivity with robust functionality that streamlines workflows. Yet it also serves as a tool that enables your team members to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Empower existing team members with full visibility and real-time data that enhances clarity in cross-departmental communications — from HQ to the field. Facilitate training and knowledge transfer with 360-degree views of asset- and job-related data and our easy-to-use mobile app.

Attracting and retaining talent, especially qualified field service technicians, is no small challenge in today’s marketplace. Learn more about how NextService FSM software can help your company overcome this challenge, make your team members’ jobs easier, and improve employee satisfaction. Your team will thank you.

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Flexible & Comprehensive Asset Management

If you have plans for growth, you need a solution that can grow with you.

Your business is dynamic. Why not implement a dynamic field service solution that is able to meet your growing business’s needs while eliminating the need for future technology investments? NextService FSM software can evolve with your business and meet your ever-changing asset management needs.

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Drive Revenue Growth & Boost Your ROI

Let NextService's asset management features and functionality help your business drive revenue growth and boost the ROI of your technology investment. Customers report substantially reduced expenses and improved operational efficiency since implementing NextService.

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  • Accelerate service contract revenue
  • Improve technician efficiency
  • Increase number of first time repairs
  • Elevate technician knowledge
  • Increase company efficiency
  • Enrich customer relationships

Optimizing Asset Management
with NextService FSM Software

Learn which software features to consider for optimizing asset management and how a unified solution can substantially reduce expenses and streamline field service operations.

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Our customers, thrilled with the efficiency improvements and cost savings provided by NextService, have reviewed us with 5 out of 5 stars on the NetSuite SuiteApp Marketplace.

Headland Machinery

Headland is an Australian owned and operated, multi-generation family company, with a strong history of supplying machinery and services to the manufacturing industry. Tracking customer assets and maintaining a service history of each piece of equipment is critical in their efforts to deliver unmatched customer service.
Headland now manages all of our customers' assets using NextService and the NextService Mobile. We've improved our customer service through the information we've gleaned from NextService's asset management capabilities.
Kylie Cane General Manager, Service & Operations
Headland using NextService Software For Work Order Management

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