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NextService Review by SprintQuip

Listen to Steven Basford, SprintQuip's General Manager of Systems & Compliance talking about how NextService transformed their service arm, improving their scheduling and dispatching revolutionising their service industry businesses.

SprintQuip is Australia’s leading cash machine provider, with products including coin and high-speed note dispensers, ticket counters, weighers and scales, deposit machines, counterfeit money detectors, money safes, sorters, and reliable and trusted service 24/7.

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NextService 10-Minute Demo

Watch a demo of the field service management features of NextService software, the only enterprise-class mobile field service management software solution built-in, on, and for NetSuite.

Big benefits make NextService THE choice for mobile field service operations. Improve technician efficiency, reduce costs, and increase service revenue today.

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NextService Field Mobility Software Overview

NextService offers flexible configurations to meet the needs of almost any field service company. Fast, professional implementations that leverage the power and functionality of NetSuite.

NextService includes: mobile app, powerful scheduling and dispatch functionality, management of customer assets or equipment at a customer location, warranty service, service contract management, support for NetSuite billing rules, and inventory management and invoicing.

Software Benefits

NextService Tutorials and Demos

Watch our educational videos and learn more about NextService Software.

Using Routing to Schedule Jobs and Technicians More Efficiently with NextService and NetSuite

Your field service technicians can be more efficient when there is less travel time for them between jobs. In this video, learn how you can use the latitude and longitude of jobs to create efficient transit routing for technicians across all of their jobs. By filtering and viewing work orders by location, you can assign jobs to the right technician with the right skills based on who is closest to the job, using the smart scheduling and mapping capabilities of NextService.

Installation Projects with NextService Scheduler and Mobile App

NextService is the best-in-class field service management software built natively for NetSuite. This video gives a complete demonstration of an installation project using Netsuite + NextService. Watch how our software works and integrates with NetSuite, from the moment a sale is closed to the project completion. Through out the process, the field interactions flow real-time to the back office.

Schedule your Preventative Maintenance Jobs with the NextService PM Planner

NextService is designed to manage mobile workforces for maintenance services businesses and makes setting up recurring preventative maintenance schedules easy and flexible. Quickly create fortnightly, quarterly, six-monthly or other schedules for your preventive maintenance projects, and set up corresponding sales orders that contain all the necessary parts, labour and charges automatically.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Job Scheduling on the NextService Scheduler Board

Ben Castles, our Senior Solution Consultant, teaches you useful hot-keys for the NextService scheduler board that will make your scheduling significantly easier and more efficient. From shortening and lengthening tasks, rescheduling multi-day and linked jobs to unassigning and reassigning tasks and more. Use these keyboard shortcuts to improve your experience when scheduling work orders with NextService.

NextService Field Service Management Software 3-Minute Demo

Watch our brief 3-minute demo to see all the powerful scheduling and work order management features that allow you to complete jobs faster and more efficiently, without having to hire new staff. Find out how to quickly create jobs, how to drag and drop jobs & create crews, how to filter jobs and people skill, priority and location and much more. NextService gives you a real-time, 360-degree view you get of your business.

Customizing the NextService Schedule Board Using Settings & Preferences

The NextService Schedule board gives you the flexibility to tailor your view and preferences, allowing you to focus on what matters for your business. Show just the tasks and technicians that you’re interested in, and set your typical day start and end times and your timezone so that you can schedule tasks at the right time. The map view can also be toggled on and off, allowing you to make the best use of your screen real estate.

NextService Provides Enhanced Visibility

SprintQuip supplies equipment and performs servicing for cash handling, ATMs, ticket counters, deposit machines, fake counterfeit money detectors, and more. Implementing NextService has provided SprintQuip with a single source of truth and enhanced visibility over their operations, from sales to service plans.

Scheduling and Assigning Field Service Tasks in NextService

It’s really easy to schedule jobs in NextService with our drag-and-drop scheduling board.  Allocating unassigned tasks is quick and easy as well, ensuring your jobs go to the technician with the rights skills and availability. You can filter tasks by priority, region, and more with our Control Panel extensions, allowing you to focus on what is most important.

Creating Crews using the NextService Schedule Board

Assigning jobs to the right team at the right time is easy with the NextService Schedule board. NextService allows you to schedule teams with such flexibility that you can create small or big crews and change team leaders conveniently as circumstances change.

Emulating the Mobile App in NextService Field Service Software

NextService includes the ability to emulate the mobile app from a desktop. This feature allows call-centre or office staff to see what a technician is seeing on their mobile device, so that you can work through tasks together over the phone. So you can give them a call, emulate their mobile and they can tell you what issues they’re having,

Schedule & Dispatch Field Service Techs With the NextService Scheduler Board

Quickly and easily assign tasks, schedule jobs, and dispatch field service technicians with the NextService Scheduler board. Filtering and color coding enable full visibility of job and technician location and status, including high priority jobs and technician skills and availability. Watch this 10-minute demo to see our user-friendly Scheduler for yourself.

NextService Helps Cash Machine Business Improve Service Levels

SprintQuip has grown over the last 30 years to become Australia’s leading, and largest, independent provider of cash management solutions. After implementing NextService they improved their service levels greatly, saving 30 minutes per technician per day on average and have achieved their SLA targets consistently.

NextService Schedule board

The NextService Schedule board uses a single connected platform to make sure the right technician turns up at the right time with no scheduling problems. It’s your turn to exceed service levels and improve your team’s field service performance with NextService, built for NetSuite.

Rated Five-Stars on NetSuite SuiteApp

NetSuite SuiteApp Marketplace Five-Star Reviewed

Our customers, thrilled with the efficiency improvements and cost savings provided by NextService, have reviewed us with 5 out of 5 stars on the NetSuite SuiteApp Marketplace.

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