Streamline Scheduling and Dispatch

The powerful Next Service Scheduler streamlines job assignments and resource allocation, providing your back office with real-time job and technician status.

Work Order Creation and Dispatch

Deploy flexible work order creation processes that fit your business.

  • Create work orders from NetSuite cases, sales orders, and projects – or against customer assets in Next Service.

  • Create work orders for warranties, preventative maintenance, repair services, or installation.

  • Attach documents and schematics.

  • Include required inventory items.

  • Add job-site safety information.

Scheduler_Work creation

Job Dispatching with Full Detail Visibility

Quickly dispatch new jobs with all required information.

  • Color code jobs by priority, status, and type for maximum profitability.

  • Enable pop-ups so office personnel can quickly access details, including customer, location, assets, and tasks to be performed.

  • Modify scheduled jobs by adding or deleting team members, changing dates or times, adding new information.


Smart Filters for Technician and Job Sorting

Ensure the right technicians are assigned to the right job every time. 

  • Filter technician resources based on availability and skill sets.

  • Assign jobs to the technician with the right skills and/or closest to the job.

  • Filter jobs based on region, labor costs, and job type.

  • Filter tasks to show only those you want to focus on.


Drag and Drop Technician Scheduling

Easily schedule and dispatch all jobs in just a few clicks. 

  • Simplify the scheduling of technicians or crews, even across time zones.

  • Drag and drop to modify job schedules and assignments.

  • Create recurring tasks to automate scheduling of preventative maintenance or other repetitive jobs.


Real-Time Job/Technician Status Tracking

Monitor job completions and delays to optimize new work assignments.

  • Use color coding to display the status of every job.

  • Track each technician’s location with integrated GPS tracking.

  • Emulate technician’s mobile app to provide off-site assistance or additional training.

  • Assign new work to the closest technician whose skills match the job requirement.

Scheduler_Tracking status

Increase Return on Investment (ROI)

The Next Service Scheduler streamlines scheduling and, as a direct result, improves utilization, resulting in a positive impact on ROI calculated in terms of time savings, error prevention, resource optimization, revenue gains, client satisfaction, and new business opportunities such as a stronger focus on preventative maintenance.


The Next Service Scheduler can enable more efficient and accurate dispatching for your company. Schedule a demo today.

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