Transform Data into Powerful Business Intelligence

Next Service + NetSuite offer one consolidated system that enables the extraction of meaningful operational intelligence to drive and expedite decision making, planning, and increased revenue generation.

The Benefits of Streamlined Reporting & Analytics

  • Analyze every phase of your service operation with software that runs on-platform with NetSuite and utilizes NetSuite’s powerful, flexible, and accessible reporting tools.

  • Quickly run reports on technician productivity, analyze data to determine up-sell opportunities, and measure system or component reliability.

  • Use data captured in mobile forms and checklists to analyze equipment diagnostics, certification test results, site safety, and preventative maintenance task completions.

  • Determine the profitability of every job, customer, service contract, or technician.

  • Uncover inventory leakage, locate inefficient processes, and track improvements against key performance indicators.

  • Utilize standard reports that provide key insights based on data stored in customer asset records, custom mobile forms and checklists, inventory management records, and much more – or create your own custom reports and “saved searches.”

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Streamlined Reporting Helps Reduce Costs and Increase Profitability

Streamlined reporting can result in huge returns on your investment (ROI) by improving (literally) everything. A big factor in this ROI calculation is the reduced resources required to produce reports, including the elimination of duplicate data entry and the time required to pull data from multiple sources. An even bigger factor is the assurance that decision makers always have the best business intelligence at their disposal.  


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