Improve Field Mobility and Productivity

With the Next Service mobile app, field technicians can access all the information they need from anywhere at any time, on their preferred device. Complete job details, including location, service history, safety concerns, and much more are readily available. And schedulers can assign new jobs efficiently with job status and technician location information provided via the mobile app.

View All Job Details from the Mobile App

Put all the information they need at your technician’s fingertips. 

  • Give easy visibility into date, time, and location.

  • Deliver task details, site details, and contact information.

  • Enable technicians to map their location to the customer site.

Mobile app

Access Customer and Asset History

Expedite job completion by giving technicians full visibility into work performed in the past 

  • Provide visibility into the entire life cycle of each asset.

  • Eliminate time wasted with calls back to the office for missing information.

  • Empower technicians to diagnose and triage problems quickly, for improved customer communications.

Mobile_Asset History

Streamline Data Collection with Custom Checklists and Forms

Deliver better customer outcomes by automating the flow of information from field to office. 

  • Provide custom digital checklists to ensure compliance with safety and government-prescribed processes.

  • Make it easy for technicians to complete forms and checklists with a mobile friendly user interface designed to accommodate field conditions and field service workflows.

  • Utilize dynamic forms to perform calculations and present sub forms based on information entered.

  • Give back-office personnel immediate access to data entered. Collected data can also be analyzed to improve operational efficiencies.

Mobile-checklist form

Manage Parts Inventory from the Field

Increase first time-fix rates by having the right parts and equipment on hand for every job.  

  • Take full advantage of NetSuite’s robust inventory functionality.

  • Ensure technicians’ vans are stocked with the right parts and equipment to complete every job on the first truck roll.

  • Use our built-in barcode scanner and eliminate the need for third-party add-in devices.


Capture Photos and Signatures

Digitized data from the field to office in one system expedites cash flow.

  • Capture and store pre- and post-work photos to verify work completion.

  • Capture customer and/or technician digital signatures on the job.

  • Include photos and signatures on the service report.

Mobile_Capture photos & signature

Enter and Submit Expenses

Record all expenses related to each job for easy billing 

  • Enter expenses such as mileage, gas, and job-related purchases directly into the mobile app along with receipt photos. 

  • Automatically associate each expense with the correct job.

  • See expense date flow directly into NetSuite from the mobile app.


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Boost Return On Investment (ROI)

Mobile devices are a replacement for paperwork and all the hassles that come with it, thereby reducing administrative effort, improving field-to-office communications, and increasing overall profitability. The Next Service mobile app enables customers to digitize the collection of data in the field and make that data immediately available in NetSuite to the office staff. This results in faster billing and improved cash flow. Using the Next Service mobile app to improve data collection, enhance efficiency, and empower productivity in the field results in a return that quickly and repeatedly exceeds the investment.

  • Improved communications

  • Increased productivity

  • Streamlined data capture and analysis

  • Enhanced customer engagements


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