Eliminate Costs Due to Poor Inventory Management

Next Service utilizes NetSuite’s powerful inventory management to reduce inventory leakage, eliminate write offs, and increase first time-fix rates.

The Benefits of Better Inventory Management

  • Easily and accurately track truck stock or van inventory.

    Being built on the NetSuite platform, the Next Service mobile app is fully compatible with NetSuite’s inventory functionality. No need for double data entry. Inventory can be consumed and monitored from the field. 

  • Keep maintenance tool kits fully stocked to meet customer service requirements.

    Automated inventory management helps ensure maintenance tools kits are fully stocked, and all parts and equipment are available to meet customer service requirements.  

  • Ensure equipment needed to fulfill new sales opportunities such as add-ons or upgrades is always available.

    Upselling is about being able to seize the moment. By giving technicians greater visibility into available resources, you enable them to say “yes” to upsell requests more often 

  • Eliminate the need for secondary truck rolls due to lack of inventory.

    Having the right part or equipment on hand for every job greatly reduces the need for secondary truck rolls. And automated tracking reduces inventory leakage and eliminates write-offs due to lost or missing components.  

  • Utilize our built-in barcode scanner to associate each part with the correct sales order.

    A built-in barcode scanner eliminates the need for third-party add-in devices. Technicians use the barcode scanner to associate each part with the correct sales order. 

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Boost Return on Investment

Inventory management is both a huge cost for many field service providers and a major driver of service outcomes. Low first-time fix rates (FTFR) resulting from a technician having incorrect or insufficient parts and equipment on the truck can have a significant negative impact on profitability and customer satisfaction. Using NetSuite + Next Service to improve inventory management results in a return that quickly and repeatedly exceeds the investment (ROI) through –  

  • Shrinkage reduction 
  • Administrative optimization 
  • Better job planning 
  • Upselling success 


Improving inventory management saves time and reduces frustration and waste, among numerous other benefits – all of which maximize the ROI (return on investment) of Next Service field service software.  

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