Deliver Better Customer Outcomes with Full Lifecycle Asset Management

Next Service provides the functionality to manage fixed assets, customer assets, and sub-assets, while retaining their complete service history.

The Benefits of Enhanced Asset Management

  • Manage and track assets with parent/child relationship that are configurable and scalable.

  • Get full visibility into asset hierarchy, history, usage, and maintenance.

  • Review audit trails for safety and compliance issues; recall assets on demand.

  • Monitor each asset from installation and commissioning to decommissioning or sale.

  • Analyze metrics for failure rate, labor utilization, and more.

  • Run profitability reports to gain business intelligence that drives decision-making for asset repair and replacement.

  • Track and manage asset costs at every stage, including manufacturing, BOM, warranties, and more.

  • Track the parts and supplies required for asset operation and maintenance – from consumption and replenishment to procurement.

  • Optimize asset performance and ROI with automated time-based or condition-based, preventative maintenance scheduling and easily accessible maintenance KPIs and SLAs.

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Empower Teams & Increase Return on Investment

Our asset management solution enables increased productivity with robust functionality that streamlines workflows. It also enables your team members to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Empower existing team members with full visibility and real-time data that enhances clarity in cross-departmental communications — from HQ to the field.

Facilitate training and knowledge transfer with 360-degree views of asset- and job-related data, easily accessible from our mobile app. Increased productivity, workflow efficiencies, and data transparency all help increase revenues and profitability. Regular maintenance, warranty compliance, failure prevention, and cost measurements have an even greater impact on the return you get from your investment in Next Service.

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