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Next Technik is dedicated to working with selected partners around the world to provide outcome-driven solutions for customers.
Our partnerships are the cornerstone of customer engagement, nurturing a collaborative relationship, trust and enthusiasm to grow together. Partner with NextService and broaden your offer to serve more field service clients

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“As a dedicated NetSuite partner, Liberate I.T. look to work with SuiteApp providers with deep NetSuite knowledge, products built within the NetSuite platform and strong industry-relevant experience.

Next Technik has leveraged years of field services experience to create a leading edge field services product within NetSuite which has led to many successful joint engagements.”

~ Paul Beattie, General Manager, Liberate I.T.


“For the past 5 years, Klugo has partnered with Next Technik to provide our clients with single platform of technology to manage all aspects of their business including back office, operations and field mobility requirements. NetSuite and NextService together, simplifies a business’s technology footprint, connects departments and streamlines operations which is critical for our customers.”

~ Michael Dean, Sales and Marketing Manager, Klugo


“Cadran Consultancy – with it’s international company Redfaire International – have chosen to partner with Next Technik to provide our European Netsuite customers a fully integrated innovative Suite App for comprehensive field service management, including mobile processing and visual planning. The combination of many years of field services experience at Next Techik and the broad Netsuite ERP and Industry and Wholesale expertise of Cadran Consultancy helps our joint customers to optimize their field service operations.”

~ Ed Pieters, CEO, Cadran Consultancy


Our partnership programs

We offer three different partnership programs for Next Technik, depending on your business and goals.

Become a Referral Partner to add our Native FSM SuiteApps to your NetSuite solution wheelhouse. With pre-sales alignment to your teams, we take the stress out of dealing with a SuiteApp and help demonstrate value to customers with field service operations.

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As a Channel Partner, we help you build market verticalization and provide the tools to help you specialise in field service solutions. We’ll enable your pre-sales team with demo accounts and value-based training, whilst providing opportunities to shadow our deployments and offer first level support to customers.

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Solution Providers are enabled to sell, implement and support our native SuiteApp products, adopting our deployment methodology and customer success program. We provide ongoing support from our Sales, Services and Development Teams to ensure all team members enabled.

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Why partner with us?

Next Technik are specialists in the area of field scheduling and mobility. With customers in over 45 different micro verticals, we have intimate knowledge of those industries’ core business issues and the value we’ve been able to deliver with a complete NetSuite solution.

Partnerships within the NetSuite community are important to us because our field service solutions are inherently built for and on the NetSuite platform. Our partners ultimately deliver on a promise to customers and our ability to align, collaborate and deliver a quality outcome for our mutual customers is critical.

The best partnerships demonstrate a genuine and seamless team engagement in the eyes of the customer, fostering trust and confidence in their choice of ERP.

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Our Network of NetSuite Partners

Join our global network of NetSuite Solution Providers helping us to facilitate a transformational impact on our customers' businesses leveraging their cloud investment as they implement NetSuite + NextService.
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NextService Partners Logos NetSuite Service Provider The Vested Group


Micro-vertical experts

In a sea of NetSuite Solution Providers, how does a prospective customer choose the right partner to work with? Naturally anyone looking for an industry-based solution will seek out the experts.

Partnering with us is all about finding your niche as a NetSuite Solution Provider and narrowing in on that solution.

We can help you understand which field service micro-verticals are a good fit and work with you on becoming experts in those industries.

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Completing your wheelhouse

We know that organisations with field operations are looking for the nirvana platform where everything is within one system.

The value of having a complete process flow all the way out to the field and real time impact to financials, billing and inventory is what business owners dream of.

Talk to us about how we can complete that missing piece of the puzzle for your customers.

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How do I become a Next Technik Partner?

Download our Partner Program and organise a chat with our partners team, fill in your details and we’ll contact you.

Need help with NetSuite?

Are you looking for partner to help you with NetSuite?

We have good relationships with a number of NetSuite Solution Providers and we’d be happy to provide a recommendation.

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The Buyers Guide will help you evaluate Field Service Management SuiteApps, to ensure that your chosen SuiteApp addresses all of your business needs.

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Our customers, thrilled with the efficiency improvements and cost savings provided by NextService, have reviewed us with 5 out of 5 stars on the NetSuite SuiteApp Marketplace.