Partners must meet the following requirements for Partner to Next Technik referrals:

  • Provide the following details with each referral:
    • Partner company name
    • Referral company name
    • Company website
    • Number of field technicians
    • Industry (select from list)
    • Additional details (optional)
  • Be the first party to submit a referral for a given prospect.

Referral Process

Partners can submit Partner to Next Technik referrals in the following ways:

Through the Partner Portal

To submit a referral through the Partner Portal:

  • Login to NetSuite
  • Select the Partner Centre role
  • Select the Partners home page – Next Technik (Partner)
  • Select Register a lead
  • Fill out the details, then click Submit

Note: Login details are provided when you sign up as a Next Technik partner. If they don’t have a NetSuite user they’ll get a new login.

Via our website

  • Navigate to
  • Select Partners > Submit a Referral
  • Fill out the details, then click Submit Referral

Via email

If neither of the above options are available to you, you may lodge a referral by emailing or your Partner Manager.

Approval & Commissions

Commissions are managed per the following once the referral is won and approved.

  • Partners with referrals eligible for commission will receive a statement from Next Technik at the beginning of each month (by the 7th business day) for applicable referrals in the prior month.
  • Partners must then provide Next Technik with an invoice for the amount listed on the statement.
  • Once Next Technik has received payment from the customer, commissions will be paid out to eligible partners in the following month.
  • Note that commission payment terms are inherited from the customer contract – e.g. if a customer pays Next Technik quarterly, partner commission statements will be paid out in the same cadence.

Note that if the lead is already in our system (ie. has already been lodged by another party) then you will be notified accordingly.