Last updated 20 July 2023

Partner Referral Policy


Partners must meet the following requirements for Partner to Next Technik referrals:

  • Provide the following details with each referral:

    • Partner company name

    • Referral company name

    • Referral company website

    • Number of field technicians or expected mobile users

    • Industry (select from list)

    • Additional details (optional)

  • Be the first party to submit a referral for a given prospect.

  • Refer using one of the methods specified in section Referral Process below.

Note: Where multiple partners register the same lead, it is at Next Technik’s discretion as to who is awarded the referral commission based on the circumstances of the referral.

Referral Process

Partners can submit referrals to Next Technik in the following ways:

Through the Partner Portal

To submit a referral through the Partner Portal:

  • Login to NetSuite

  • Select the Partner Centre role

  • Select the Partners home page – Next Technik (Partner)

  • Select Register a lead

  • Fill out the details, then click Submit

Note: Login details (one login per partner) are provided when you sign up as a Next Technik partner. If they don’t have a NetSuite user they’ll get a new login.

Via our website

Approval & Commissions

A referral is considered won once the referred client signs their contract with Next Technik. Next Technik will then review the details of the referral to confirm the requirements listed above have been met, and if they have, approve the commission.

Commissions are managed per the following once the referral is approved:

  • Partners with referrals eligible for commission will receive a statement from Next Technik at the beginning of each month (by the 10th business day) for applicable referrals in the prior month.

  • Partners must then provide Next Technik with an invoice for the amount listed on the statement.

  • Once Next Technik has received payment from the customer, commissions will be paid out to eligible partners in the following month.

  • Commission payment terms are inherited from the customer contract – e.g. if a customer pays Next Technik quarterly, partner commission statements will be paid out in the same cadence.

Partner-Managed Customers

When a Professional Services Partner referral is approved, the Partner also provides first level support to the customer.


For partner-managed customers, the primary support contact used by Next Technik Support is adjusted to a partner representative specified as part of software license contract finalisation. However, communication regarding billing is always sent directly to the customer.

Requirements & Review

The Partner is responsible for providing first level support to partner-managed customers, and must be capable to do so. Should the customer or partner raise more than five cases (per customer) to Next Technik in a rolling six month period that cannot be considered level two support, Next Technik may require one of the following:

  • The Partner completes the Next Technik Certification Program.

  • Ownership of the customer relationship is reallocated, either to Next Technik or another partner.

Should a Next Technik customer raise concerns with the partner that is managing their account, the following will occur:

  • Next Technik will attempt to coordinate mediation between the customer and partner, and provide support per the Next Technik Support Policy to assist with resolution.

  • If mediation is unsuccessful, ownership of the customer relationship is reallocated, either to Next Technik or another partner.

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