The following policy outlines how Next Technik to Partner referrals operate.

Referral Process

When referring work to our partner network, Next Technik will:

  • Gather high level information about the required work from the customer.
  • Notify the Partner’s nominated referral contact via email.
    • Note: Next Technik may refer to multiple Partners where the customer has requested multiple options.

Approval & Commissions

  • When a referral from Next Technik results in the customer committing to a job with the Partner, the referral is considered won.
  • When the referral is won, the Partner will notify Next Technik and advise the following information:
    • Customer name
    • Total amount
    • Amount/s for Next Technik to invoice
    • Job start date
  • Next Technik Partner Managers may follow up on the status of any referred services including deployment.
  • Next Technik will then provide an invoice to the partner for the amount listed on the notification or statement.


Partners must meet the following requirements to receive Next Technik to Partner referrals:

  • Own scoping of customer requirements — initial information provided by Next Technik is an indicator only and Partners must produce and agree on a scope of work with the customer.
  • For general services, notify Next Technik via the same method by which the referral was received, if or when:
    • The customer approves the job, including the total value of the referred work.
    • The Partner is not able to get in contact with the customer.
    • The customer does not proceed with the Partner as the service provider for the referred work.
    • Completion of the referred work is at risk.
  • For NextService deployments, include your Next Technik partner manager on communication regarding major progress milestones, and if completion of the deployment becomes at risk.
  • Report the true value of the referred work to Next Technik.
  • Ensure teams and/or individuals actioning referred work have successfully completed the relevant Next Technik training course.

Customer Service Guidelines

Great customer experience is a core value of Next Technik and our partner network.

When working with Next Technik customers, our partners should work in a responsive and professional manner. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Aiming to respond to customer enquiries within 1-2 business days.
  • Representing Next Technik as a brand.
  • Assigning appropriately trained teams for work on Next Technik services.
  • Setting realistic expectations with customers.
  • Resolving escalations quickly and professionally.
  • Where a customer has lodged a complaint directly with Next Technik, working with us to provide a satisfactory resolution to the customer.

Quality Assurance

  • Partners must follow documented best practices and guides when solutioning, and ensure all implementation work goes through an internal testing process before being pushed to production accounts.
  • We recommend partners leverage our Partner Support team to ensure solutions align with Next Technik best practices. Support is available via Slack channel, email, or scheduled Zoom consultation.
  • Next Technik reserves the right to spot-check solutions as part of regular customer interactions, and notify the Partner of any built out solutions that significantly deviate from documented best practices.

Should any of the above requirements not be met, Next Technik reserves the right to:

  • Revoke Certification, including use of certification badges
  • Cease any further service referrals
  • Begin remediation processes where appropriate

Partner managers remain available to assist partners working to regain certification or preferred partner status.