What Sets NextService Apart and Above?

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What Sets NextService Apart from the Rest?

There are hundreds of pieces of software that can help with field service management (FSM). However, there are only two built to operate inside NetSuite – the top-rated cloud ERP solution and one of the most popular business management platforms on the market. Working on-platform with NetSuite means every facet of a field services business, from service delivery on the front end to business management on the back end, uses one toolkit with a common database underneath. It is a huge advantage to be digitized and data-driven from end to end – and only two solutions offer that within the NetSuite ecosystem.

In this article, we want to focus on what makes one of those solutions, NextService, the better choice for anyone in the field service industry. Running on the right software could not be more important in an industry that is transforming fast, quickly becoming more competitive, and poised to thrive in the post-Covid economy. With that in mind, explore what only NextService can do, and discover why businesses that plan to grow, evolve, or fight to survive, consider it essential for their future.

Scope of Features

NextService exemplifies what a modern field service management software platform looks like. In addition to managing all aspects of maintenance delivery, it offers everything necessary to handle repairs, installs, and ad hoc services of all kinds, all within one business management platform. Any business where technicians venture into the field can perform more efficiently, intelligently, and profitably by running on NextService. Whether it is appropriate for a specific micro-vertical is a foregone conclusion because it adds value to all types of field service businesses in any industry.


Getting the right technician to the right place at the right time is the central challenge facing field service providers. NextService turns scheduling into an asset by giving Schedulers full visibility of where technicians are, their availability, and importantly, improving utilization of the resources you already have. The Scheduler is a powerful tool that allows Schedulers the ability to schedule jobs based on location, availability, required equipment, teams, skills set, and priority, with the flexibility to dynamically filter, modify views and drill down at a map level. NextService even gives you real-time geomapping of technicians and transparency of where they are in relation to the job site. Watch our 2-minute video to learn more about the NextService Scheduler.


NextService is the first, last, and only piece of software a business will ever need to manage field service in all forms. It can accommodate a few technicians or a thousand, cover massive swaths of territory, serve multiple modes of service delivery, and connect the central office with everything happening in the field. No matter what a company’s ambitions encompass, NextService will not just adapt to them – it will actively facilitate them. Companies can protect their investment by purchasing the right FSM solution from the onset and grow into features and functionality as required. Don’t make the costly mistake of buying something cheap and cheerful because ‘it’ll do’ – you will invariably outgrow that system and need to reinvest down the line.

Asset Management

In a clear sign of what NextService can do for mature field service providers, it offers a refined asset management system with complex parent-child capabilities. That helps with navigation: if, for example, a CCTV technician needs to reach a specific camera inside a large facility with dozens of cameras. It also makes it simpler to manage individual jobs within the context of larger service contracts. Whether company-owned or customer-owned, NextService can manage all types of assets, even those that technicians need to add while in the field. The requirements of the job never exceed what the solution can deliver.

Time and Spare Parts

After scheduling, time and spare parts are the two hardest things to track. NextService offers sophisticated time-tracking capabilities that users can customize to recognize or track time in various ways. Leveraging NetSuite Inventory Management, parts management in the field improves as well. As parts are consumed on jobs, van stock is depleted and replenishment processes are activated in NetSuite, ensuring a seamless procurement and transfer process. Having the right part at the right time directly impacts your First Time Fix Rate. If technicians can resolve the job first time, companies can minimize costs and improve the number of truck rolls per week.


Even though English is the native language of NextService, our software has been successfully deployed to numerous countries where English is a second language. The customer success team assists with translating fields. Changing the language in NetSuite will also change any NetSuite fields. Field service providers around the world can choose NextService knowing that language issues will not compromise the software.

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NextService turns the humble checklist into a powerful tool for safe, systematic delivery of service. Any form related to safety, quality, or compliance can be digitized and delivered through the mobile app. Those checklists can then be inserted into the job flow, so technicians take specific steps at the right times, with mandated completion. Using dynamic, customized forms, organizations can ensure technicians follow proper procedures and always know exactly what to do. This can have a direct impact on quality control, compliance measures, insurance premiums, and risk assessment management.

Project Scope

Beyond regular jobs like repairs, maintenance, and installations, some organizations need to manage longer projects, with ongoing site visits, overlapping schedules and timelines, and more complex billing structures. Many field service management software solutions cannot handle this level of complexity or provide the overall visibility and profitability required by project managers. With the help of NetSuite, NextService manages all these moving parts in a comprehensive and coordinated way so longer-term projects run smoothly for all involved, and all costs attributed in the field roll up to the one major project. This type of functionality is common in construction industries, as well as high-value equipment or consulting, and is very difficult to find in a single unified platform.


As mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops – became integral to field service management, NextService recognized the need to be device agnostic. The platform runs on a web app that works like a native app installed on the device. This ensures that any technician with any device can access the platform. It also eliminates the need to support Android and iOS apps separately and provides the flexibility required when a portion of your workforce are subcontractors who need to use their own devices.

NextService Field Service Management Software for All DevicesRevenue Generation

One major benefit of enhanced mobility is the technician’s ability to generate revenue in the field. Since they are fully connected to the platform from any location, technicians can provide customers with quotes upon request, eliminating a major obstacle for turning one project into another. Additionally, technicians can generate revenue through upselling offers, which they can easily add to the invoice. All the while, customers have less friction getting the services they want and need.


Customers confirm that NextService meets and exceeds their expectations. The product has received numerous five-star ratings on SuiteApps, the leading authority on NetSuite apps. These reviews attest to the fact that NextService makes customer success the very highest priority. In fact, the company’s mission statement is to “Create happy and engaged NetSuite FSM customers by delivering real value.” If you want to know what makes NextService different from the perspective of actual users, the SuiteApps reviews speak loud and clear.


Any solution claiming to serve all field service providers cannot rely on one-size-fits-all functionality. That is why NextService is configured based on a user’s specific requirements to ensure processes deliver customer outcomes, whilst retaining core business process flows that are native to the product. Next Technik’s Product Team has approached the development of NextService based on NetSuite’s best practices, which minimizes configuration to what customers need and, in turn, reduces complexity. Additionally, the product is built with automated testing in mind, to increase reliability of the code and longevity of the platform itself. No matter what the deployment entails, everyone benefits by being on the latest version, and taking advantage of new product development, process improvements, and updates.

Product History

NextService is one of the few solutions built by an actual field service provider – not a team of developers who saw an opportunity in the market. It was created by a team inside Headland Machinery, a 75-year-old seller, installer, and servicer of industrial equipment in Australia, to improve upon their own service delivery. Since it was built by people who know the challenges of sending technicians into the field, it has an unparalleled ability to solve headaches and unlock opportunities, with customer service at the forefront.

Business Stature

When a particular piece of software becomes the bedrock of a business, the developers behind it must instill confidence. Should the company collapse and leave the solution unsupported, it would force customers to look frantically for a replacement. NextService had a strong foundation from the start because it was established with the backing of a decades-old business. Since then, the growth rates, customer satisfaction, product maturity, and service sophistication speak to a company that will be a growing part of the field service management software industry for many years to come.


NextService believes strongly that our duty to customers begins, not ends, with the implementation. Customer success teams located across the world – Australia, UK, US – mean that direct support is available in any time zone. Every customer receives 12 months of unlimited support, from answering questions and fixing bugs, to customizing upgrades. Our in-house team handles all deployments and support – nothing ever gets outsourced to a third-party – so customers only work with NextService experts who embody a service-first philosophy.


NextService is not the least expensive FSM on the market, but it’s guaranteed to deliver value within months and support your business through growth, scaling, and molding as your needs change. Customers experience a quick return on investment that typically covers not only the cost of NextService, but the cost of NetSuite, as well.

Even more valuable, NextService can meet a company’s needs long-term. There is no risk of outgrowing the software since it can scale to thousands of technicians and facilitate any kind of field service (maintenance, installs, repairs, etc.). With a solution built for the present and future, users can avoid the expensive and disruptive task of switching software after reaching the breaking point with another solution. Users can start small and grow into features and functionality as they need them.

The cost of NextService helps a company sprint through digital transformation and become a tech-driven field service provider with a distinct competitive advantage. The cost also covers a solution that will help a company maintain its advantage by continuously improving customer engagement and innovating service delivery. NextService does not aspire to be the most economical solution on the market. Rather, it strives to deliver value that far exceeds the price.

Get a Complete Rundown of What NextService Can Do

This article barely touches on everything that makes NextService the leading field service management software that runs on-platform with NetSuite. More than twice as many providers chose us over the other on-platform option, and it is not hard to see why: NextService delivers across-the-board upgrades to optimize service delivery today, then it evolves as a company grows and changes. Watch a 10-minute demo to see why ours is the last field service management software you will ever need to install.