The Value of Native Built-for-NetSuite Software

The value of native built for NetSuite apps

NetSuite has spent a bucket load on creating a business platform that allows customers to optimize their systems to meet changing and unique business requirements. This is to ensure that NetSuite customers can adapt their systems to meet changing business needs and market conditions and avoid the risk of having to swap out their ERP at some future stage. In fact, for many organisations NetSuite is the last ERP they will ever have to invest in.

The SuiteCloud Developer Network was created by NetSuite to promote a vibrant development ecosystem that allows value add partners (like Next Technik) to extend the value of NetSuite.

Native Built for NetSuite (BFN) solutions like NextService from Next Technik are built in NetSuite and only work on NetSuite. As a native built for NetSuite solution NextService extends the value of NetSuite for prospects and customers by:

1. Eliminating the risk and cost of integration projects

NetSuite is a complex business platform in which no two implementations are exactly the same. In fact, this flexibility; which is a significant benefit for customers; is a potential issue when it comes to integrations.

Third party applications external to NetSuite store records, transactions and business process off NetSuite. This creates a tangle of integration points which means that NetSuite customers run the risk of creating spaghetti systems that get out of sync with no single version of the truth.

Native built for NetSuite SuiteApps like NextService store all records, transactions and business processes within NetSuite.  There is no external data server that needs to be mapped and synced to NetSuite.

When the NextService scheduled Board displays Work Orders it is sourced directly from NetSuite CRM Tasks, Project Tasks and Cases via a native NetSuite SuiteScript search application programming interface (API) call. There is no separate data service which needs to be kept in sync with NextService.

2. Training users once on a single system

When a user learns what a CRM Task is in NetSuite, or how to enter a customer record they are learning NextService as well. As a native built for NetSuite field service software application NextService does not have a separate customer entry form.

NextService concepts are familiar to NetSuite users because they are the same concepts. NextService is built in NetSuite and only runs on NetSuite. Next Technik have used the rich SuiteCloud Developer Framework to build NextService within NetSuite.


3. Protecting production system upgrades

When NetSuite upgrades NextService is also upgraded. The preview accounts automatically include NextService which can be reviewed along with the new NetSuite features. Those of us that remember the bad old days on premise system deployments understand how expensive and risky it is to upgrade systems. In fact, many companies delayed upgrades for years to the point that an upgrade was essentially the same cost and pain of a new implementation.

NetSuite have mastered periodic upgrades across its ecosystem, NextService being a native built for NetSuite app provides the same benefits.

It’s useful to remind prospects that NetSuite annually certify Next Technik apps including NextService by technically reviewing our build to ensure it follows the Native Built for NetSuite guidelines.

Speed up prospect buying decisions, increase close rates and provide compelling value for NetSuite customers by including NextService when engaging Field Service organizations.

Next Technik are experts in enabling NetSuite for Field Service.

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