Solving Business Challenges and Building Teams with Enthusiasm

leading teams with enthusiasm blog post

At Next Technik we take what we do seriously; enthusiastically diving into real world business problems and solving them in unique ways. Something I’ve observed over the past few years as I’ve been working in the software industry as a Product Manager is just how important framing the work you do, no matter how big or small, in a way that shows its value to our customers and presenting it in an enthusiastic way. The enthusiasm our developers and broader business in general has in regards to providing an incredible field service platform is one of the main reasons I joined Next Technik as their Product Manager in August 2021. It’s infectious!

Through my experience working at Next Technik, as well as with other teams in the past, I’ve found there are three key actions you can take to help create an environment where enthusiasm in the problems you’re solving become second nature to the teams you’re a part of, and we often apply these during our day-to-day routine in the Product Team at Next Technik.

Start off team meetings with a joke!

I’m the first to admit I probably tell a few too many dad jokes and use too many puns, but I’ve always found if I enter a meeting, or start a day laughing about something with the team I tend to have a better and more productive day overall.

For me, having fun at work instantly makes me want to turn up and do the best I can to keep that energy going. Start your meetings with the team by (trying) to make them laugh with a joke, or a funny story, and the energy from that often flows down when you get into the weeds of your business problems.

Support where you can, provide snacks where you can’t!

Sometimes a problem takes a bit longer to solve, or a change in direction might mean there are fires to be put out. Try to avoid dumping a problem on the team and running(where you can) and provide a little extra support.

If you don’t have the right skill set to help, providing snacks or even just running messages to other stakeholders goes a long way in building trust within your team.

Shape the problem you’re solving into a story worth telling!

It’s easy to fall into the trap of skipping over the smaller details of a problem you might be solving as a business just to get into the weeds of it all and down to business. But often this can have a negative impact to the team in regards to the enthusiasm of solving the problem in the first place.

Build character in the problems you’re solving. Every detail should be a story beat to your great three-part epic, and the effort that goes into all this hard work will help inspire those around you to turn up and help bring this story to life.


Coffee might not always solve the problems our development team are trying to solve, but it’s always worth a shot. And where coffee fails us, our enthusiasm for problem solving has paved the way for an outstanding field service management solution. If you’d like to see it in action, you can book a demo here.