January 31, 2023

Partner Highlight: Limebox

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Partner Highlight: Limebox  

Next Technik is pleased to announce our partnership with Limebox, a NetSuite Alliance Partner specializing in NetSuite implementations. 

Limebox helps companies implement and optimize enterprise-ready NetSuite for their entire ecosystem. Its services include NetSuite customization, development, and ongoing support.  

The company was founded in 2009 by Cash Shurley, Sterling Rose, and TJ Tyrrell after they saw many companies struggling with NetSuite migrations—and struggling with consultants who couldn’t deliver. 

After four years as a NetSuite partner, Limebox has 16 NetSuite certifications and more than 125 satisfied customers in a wide breadth of industries. One recent customer accolade: “There are no words to describe the genius of this company and everything they have done to change our relationship with NetSuite.”   

What are the keys to Limebox’s success? 

  • The company is staffed with seasoned NetSuite pros, business optimization experts, and software developers.  
  • The Limebox team, strategically located to serve customers in North America, Europe, and Australia, adapts to each customer’s specific situation. Consultants are located across the Americas, including Costa Rica, Peru, and Canada. 
  • Limebox is the antithesis of “churn and burn” ERP implementation shops. Limebox consultants start with fresh ideas and a can-do spirit and then find the smartest, most economical path to achieving your goals. They take the time to understand your organization, map out a plan for where you want to be, and build the right data integration architecture to get you there—with less complexity, fewer complications, and without spending unnecessary time and money.

Why did Limebox select Next Technik as a partner?  

We work hard at Limebox to find the best solutions for our clients, and Next Technik is the leader in the NetSuite field services space,” said Barry Price, Vice President of Operations and Principal Consultant.  “Their product is helping our clients improve customer service and making a real bottom-line impact. NextService is easy to understand, customize, and maintain, and the fact that it is native to NetSuite makes it best-in-class.” 

“From top to bottom,” he added, “Next Technik’s passion and enthusiasm for innovation, problem-solving, and dedication to the success of its clients aligns perfectly with our values and mission to help our clients win on NetSuite. Partnering with Next Technik to expand both our capabilities and deliver best-in-class services together was a no-brainer.” 

TJ Terrell, Co-founder and Principal Consultant, concurs. “Eyes light up when we demonstrate the task scheduling board to our clients,” he said. “It’s so easy and natural to drag and drop tasks for field staff! And our clients love to learn about the configuration capabilities available in the mobile interface. They’ve never been able to gather precise data for field employees like this before!” 

Ready for the next step? 

If your company copes with a hodgepodge of home-grown solutions, Limebox can help you turn them into a well-oiled NetSuite machine. Or, if your ERP project hasn’t gone as planned, Limebox can rescue the project and put you on a winning course with NetSuite. 

If you and the Limebox team see a need for top-notch field service management capabilities, be sure to call Next Technik. We’ll show you how NextService, a product of Next Technik, can magnify the value of NetSuite. 

January 31, 2023
  • Partner Highlights
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