August 08, 2023

Partner Highlight: Conexus SG

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Partner Highlight: Conexus SG  

Next Technik is pleased to announce our partnership with Conexus SG.  The company specializes in optimizing the power of NetSuite through expert implementation, tailored training, integration, and custom BI and reporting. 

Conexus serves customers throughout North America from its headquarters in Dallas and offices in Austin, Memphis and Miami.  

What are the keys to Conexus SG’s success? 

  • Conexus SG has been a NetSuite partner since 2015. The company has a long track record of helping companies to streamline processes end to end, gain full visibility into KPIs in all aspects of their business, and exploit NetSuite’s financial management, CRM, and supply chain capabilities. Conexus can even step in to rescue ERP implementation projects that have gotten off to a bad start.  
  • Conexus SG’s entire culture is geared to building success-oriented relationships with clients. “We’re passionate about delivering success to our clients,” said Eric Holleman, Managing Director. “When we show customers success from the outset, they trust us. They believe in us. And they keep coming back for even more success.” 
  • Holleman expects every project to be built on a foundation of teamwork and trust. “Conexus is a people business more than a technology business,” he said. “ERP needs constant care, feeding and reimagination to succeed. It thrives best in partnerships where both Conexus and the customer have long term commitments to each other. Together, we move through a path of implementation, support, optimization, and continual reimagination. Optimization never ends!”  
  • Conexus does not use outsourcing or subcontractors. The company invests in finding and retaining the best people to serve its clients “for the duration,” said Holleman. “We want the same people who implemented NetSuite to stay on the account for the life of the customer’s NetSuite journey.”  
  • Conexus possesses a distinctive advantage in facilitating smooth client transitions away from Microsoft Dynamics SL and GP, thanks to a track record of successful implementations and a team of consultants with extensive NetSuite experience.  
  • Conexus has a special program to transition Microsoft Dynamics SL and GP customers to NetSuite, helping them avoid the looming support phase-out of Microsoft Dynamics on-prem products. The Conexus team’s collective knowledge and expertise enables seamless and effective transition processes. 
  • The company is always willing to give any organization no-cost advice on the best ways to tap NetSuite’s robust Cloud ERP functionality and flexibility. Those who become customers will soon experience a cornerstone of the Conexus success formula: meticulous, in-depth discovery sessions to learn about their processes, challenges, and goals.  Lots of questions. Lots of listening. 

Why did Conexus SG select Next Technik as a partner?  

The fact that Next Service earned Oracle’s Built-for-NetSuite designation was a key factor.  

“Next Service is extremely extensible and customizable. It natively operates within NetSuite, unlike systems that have to be bolted on with a big integration effort,” said Holleman. 

“We strive to be the top choice for organizations implementing NetSuite,” he added. “Many of these organizations have field functions that can greatly benefit from Next Service. The product has a great reputation and a large customer base.”  

Many Conexus customers are in the energy industry, where mobile connectivity can never be taken for granted. These customers need reliable operations for field personnel in remote areas, such as in oil fields and on pipeline routes. By pairing best-of-breed field service capabilities with the world’s leading cloud-based ERP platform, Holleman noted, Next Service supports his goal of diversifying into new vertical markets.  

Ready for the next step? 

Conexus SG has extensive NetSuite-specific implementation experience across multiple organizations.  

Conexus consultants leverage a combined 100 years of ERP consulting experience to help you craft the right solution for your business. 

Prospective ERP users often come to Conexus for advice on how to solve specific operational needs with ERP. For starters, the company encourages you to download and use (with no obligation) the Conexus SG ERP Mapping Tool. It identifies the best ways to optimize specific processes and achieve ERP success. 

After that? Get acquainted with Conexus and Next Technik people face-to-face. And prepare to have the same people delivering success after success, year after year. 

August 08, 2023
Chris Ryan
  • Partner Highlights
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