May 27, 2021

OSSM & Next Technik Join Forces to Transform Engagement Through Field Mobility

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Next Technik is pleased to announce their partnership with OSSM, a Dublin-based Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider. Having been involved with a multitude of field service automation and ERP projects over the past 20 years, with customers ranging from small startups to larger, more established businesses, OSSM brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience in providing both NetSuite and customized solutions to the manufacturing, services, and distribution sectors.

After 20 years of integrating disparate field services solutions into onsite ERP solutions, unlike U2, OSSM has found what we are looking for.

-Ray Ryan, OSSM CEO

Commitment to Shared Values….and Value

Next Technik’s partnership with OSSM represents both parties’ commitment to the shared values of: Customer Focus, Quality, Innovation, Ownership, and Integrity and sets the stage for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship that will contribute to the continued success of Next Technik and OSSM in the field service marketplace.

As our Channel Partner, OSSM has firsthand experience with and a deep understanding of the tremendous value Next Service FSM SuiteApp – the world’s leading native NetSuite field service management solution — provides end users. Like Next Technik, OSSM understands the importance of delivering value to their customers and helping them maximize their ROI when implementing solutions. Offering the one-system solution of Next Service + NetSuite empowers OSSM to continue to do just that.

When asked about OSSM’s decision to become a Next Technik Channel Partner given the numerous field service solutions in the marketplace, Ryan, states:


As a fully native NetSuite solution, the Next Service FSM app eliminates all the software complications generally experienced by field service companies where data must be synchronized between two separate systems. Issues like transactions being incomplete when transferring or databases being out of sync when reporting and the proverbial upgrading issues all disappear with the Next Service solution from Next Technik.

We were so impressed by the solution that we replaced our own internal scheduling systems to take advantage of all that Next Service has to offer service companies like OSSM Cloud.


Collaboration for Customer Success

Global Partner Manager Tania Large oversees partnership development for Next Technik and has worked with OSSM as a Next Technik Referral Partner for several years. Her efforts and expertise are an integral part of developing the relationships that contribute to the success of all parties involved – Customers, Partners, and team members alike.

In speaking about OSSM joining Next Technik as a Channel Partner, Large stated:

OSSM’s decision to join Next Technik’s Channel Partner Program is based on the success of past projects during which the two companies collaborated to deliver positive outcomes to mutual customers. They truly do care about the success of their customers. They are an experienced and passionate team who creatively simplify complex project requirements. OSSM is a pleasure to work with, and we are thrilled to continue collaborating with them to bring real value to customers.

Having a keen understanding of the markets OSSM serves, Group Marketing Director Sinead Galligani has observed the positive impact Next Service has had on OSSM customers’ field service businesses because of the app’s robust functionality, including its flexibility, scalability, and depth of functionality within a single platform — seamless functionality not offered by the many other field service solution offerings in the marketplace. Galligani adds:

Sinead_Galligani_OSSM_bnw-reducedWe’re thrilled to have been appointed Next Service Channel Partner for the UK and Ireland. Next Service takes away the guesswork, removes manual and spreadsheet-based tasks, and gives back time to focus on what our customers do best. We’re very excited to be collaborating with and guiding our customers on their digital transformation journey with NetSuite and Next Service.

Next Technik is eager to help OSSM open new markets and verticals to collaboratively drive their customers’ success. And OSSM is eager to offer their existing and prospective customers in the Irish and UK markets the Next Service and NetSuite ERP solution. Together we will continue to transform engagement through field mobility and delight Next Service end users.

May 27, 2021
  • Partner News
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