NextService Wins Another Infrastructure Service Provider in New Zealand

NextService wins another infrastructure service provider in NZ

We are proud to announce that in partnership with NetSuite, Liberate IT, and Infinet Cloud in New Zealand, we have signed up a large infrastructure company in New Zealand, with a 600-strong field service team.

It’s a testament to the collaboration between all parties involved, who were able to work together to demonstrate how NextService + NetSuite could meet the customer’s business needs.

Our Customer

Our new customer is an infrastructure service provider, offering a range of contract services to local government and private clients, across electricity, waste, civil services, vegetation and communications.

Their main activities involve construction, operation and maintenance of electricity assets, electrical calibration and measurement equipment, fibre optic networks and trees and gardens in public spaces across Southern New Zealand.

Due to company restructuring, a new system was required to support the decoupling of businesses and 600+ field staff, across 3 major business units; Power & Communications, Environmental Services and Retail Services.

In addition to wanting an out-of-the-box solution, Delta’s strategy was to bring all business into a single platform and streamline their operations in place of siloed business processes.

Our Solution

The customer opted to go with NextService + NetSuite as their field service management solution.

There were many factors that contributed to the success of this exercise, involving impressive contributions from all parties.

Fit for purpose

The biggest factor in their decision to go with us was how well the solution fit their business needs out of the box.

This means that they can avoid expensive and time-consuming customizations, and reduce solution choice risk, knowing that NextService + NetSuite will allow them to:

  • Seamlessly manage such a large volume of resources in the field
  • Manage the immense variety of business units and activities
  • Have everything managed in the one fully unified platform

with minimal modification to the standard platforms’ configurations.

A cost-effective solution

Our competition was a highly customised Microsoft solution, offering a significantly higher investment in professional services and perceived risk in the bespoke nature of it.

This means that choosing to go with NextService + NetSuite was also a more cost-effective option for this infrastructure service provider.

A strong reference customer

We were also able to provide them with a strong reference customer, another infrastructure contractor who builds and maintains public facilities across Northern New Zealand.

Seeing an existing example of a very similar organisation already successfully using the platform reassured the customer that the solution would in fact meet their needs.

This also shows that NextService + NetSuite is an extremely good fit for infrastructure service providers of all types.

Strong partner collaboration

And finally, the customer was impressed with the commitment and cohesion demonstrated by the four vendors involved – Next Technik, Liberate IT, Infinite Cloud and NetSuite – and that we shared their core values.

We demonstrated our commitment to the business relationship, through our attendance at multiple demonstrations and meetings, and showed the strength of our partnerships to the customer, giving them confidence that their solution implementation will run smoothly.

Congratulations to all

Once again, we’d like to extend our congratulations to everyone involved in bringing this deal together and winning such a fantastic client.

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can support your field service clients, please get in touch.