NextService Version 4.8.11 Achieves General Availability Status


NextService New Release Enhances Color Coding, Improves Time Zone Management, and Makes Support Requests Easier

NextService Release 4.8.11 includes three exciting new features developed based on feedback from customers. Next Technik Customer Advisory Board members participated in prototype reviews and responded to polls in which they were asked to express their preferences throughout the development process. Key new features enable users to:

  • Color code Scheduler tasks by Type, Status, Priority, and other attributes.
  • Match Project, Case, and Task time zones to the Asset’s time zone.
  • Request support directly from within the system.

Scheduler Color Coding Enables Quick Assessments

Release 4.8.11 introduces Color Groups and a Color Menu in the Scheduler. Color coding makes it easy for schedulers to assess the status or health of the Scheduler board at-a-glance. For example, is everything “green” (looking good) across the board? Do Status color codes indicate an overwhelming number of issues? Does Priority color-coding reveal a high number of top priority customers on the board?

Color Groups are set up within the new Color Menu and customized based on four predefined color palettes – Rainbow, Cool, Warm, and Contrast. Each palette includes eight colors. Predefined Groups include Priority, Status, Task Type, and Case Type. Custom Groups can be added.


A different color is assigned to each Item in the Group. For example, in the Status Group, blue may indicate the Item “Not Started,” purple may indicate the Item “Overdue,” and green may indicate the Item “In Progress.” A Group’s color palette is then used to color code events on the board, map, popups, and lists. The Color Menu will display a Legend that details the meaning of each color in the Group. This feature replaces the priority borders and status background colors utilized in previous versions, and which customers told us were sometimes difficult to see in small formats.

Groups and Items are configured globally and shared by all users. Colors can also be configured for the entire organization, or companies can allow each user to choose colors to map to specific Items. When a user chooses their own colors, the choices are applied only within the device on which the selections are made.

Events can be configured to display a fixed color, regardless of the selected Group. For example, Completed Tasks can be configured to always appear as grey.

Global styles can also be applied to override color coding for completed tasks, orphans, and project resource allocations. And color Items can be configured to color code “clusters” in the map.

Customers may choose to use colors only to highlight specific information. For that reason, each color palette includes gray. Using the gray color option can reduce noise on the Scheduler board so that brighter colors highlight specific situations and put the focus on the right issues.

Quickly Schedule Tasks Across Any Time Zone

New Date, Time, and Time Zone fields have been added to NextService records to enable the matching of Project, Case, and Task time zones to the asset’s time zone. This eliminates the requirement for schedulers to manually change their time zone preference when scheduling tasks for an Asset located in a different time zone. Now, when an Asset is created, the location’s latitude and longitude coordinates are used to auto-set the Time Zone field. The user can modify this information, if necessary. The information in these fields will be used by multiple processes, including Asset Warranty Projects, Project Programs, Case Programs, Case Auto-Closure of Project End Date, Case Invoice Date, and more.

The Project, Case, Task, and Project Task records store the time zone for the job, sourcing the information first from the Parent Case or Project, then falling back to the Asset, Subsidiary, or User Preference time zone. NetSuite’s standard date fields, based on user preferences, do not change.

The new fields, along with the processes they impact, allow every user to see the same Start Date/Start Time and End Date/End Time for jobs in any time zone without having to change their time zone preferences.


Send Feedback or Request Support Directly from the Software

End-users can now create Next Technik support cases through a form that has been added to the Scheduler. The form can be used to provide product feedback, make suggestions, ask questions, or request help. Each time a form is completed, a Case is created for the account with the user as the contact, and the contact receives a confirmation email. These Cases are accessible to the customer via the Customer Portal. Cases are triaged in accordance with the customer’s support agreement.

The form can be turned off completely if desired. Or any of the four options: Feedback, Help, Suggestions, or Questions, can be disabled. These changes would apply to all users.


Next Technik is making it easier for customers to submit feedback because we see it as an opportunity to excel in providing a great customer experience. More interaction with our customers means better products and better services.

Users now also have an opportunity to impact the NextService Net Promoter Score (NPR). This new request for feedback will not appear until 30 days after the launch of the Scheduler. Users will see additional requests for feedback once every 30 days

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