NextService: Compelling Value for Field Service

Extend the power of NetSuite with NextService, the leading Native Built-for-NetSuite SuiteApp for field service. Get on the front foot during your sales engagement and promote the value of NetSuite as a business platform for field service organizations.

NetSuite is the leading cloud Enterprise Resource Planning business platform for marketing, sales, operations, and financial management. It is a world class ERP that is the cornerstone business system for thousands of small, medium, and large enterprise organizations.

This is a powerful value proposition that is extended by the SuiteCloud Developer (SDN) Partner Program.

“We at Next Technik understand the risks associated with selecting third party apps that attempt to integrate with NetSuite. That is why we are 100% dedicated to building Native Built-for-NetSuite SuiteApps only”.  Annaliese Kloe, CEO and Founder

NextService is a solution for the mission-critical business requirements of field service companies. By addressing job management, scheduling, and resource optimization plus mobile field service automation, NextService makes NetSuite field service ready out of the box.

Next Technik understands SuiteSuccess. NextService utilizes NetSuite bundles to deliver a fully configured field service software build that works seamlessly with the SuiteSuccess stairway and deployment methodologies.

Assess the need for NextService early and address field service requirements first. This will speed up the process and create a compelling reason to select NetSuite.

Speed up prospect buying decisions, increase close rates, and provide compelling value for NetSuite customers by including NextService when engaging field service organizations.

Next Technik team members are experts in enabling NetSuite for field service. Let Next Technik help you close field service opportunities faster.

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