NextService 4.8 Scheduler Sneak Peek

NextService Scheduler 4.8 - Sneak peek

Today we’re sharing with you a sneak peek of the upgraded Scheduler board for NextService field service management software. We’ve taken your feedback onboard, streamlined the interface, upgraded the framework and optimized performance.

4.8 Schedule Board includes a user interface refresh and new features which improve user experience and efficiency. Users can now personalise their display, access details when needed, and work with unassigned tasks via the new “Control Panel Extensions” option.

The NextService Schedule board is the cornerstone of team and customer engagement. It allows users to efficiently schedule customer service requests while considering service team capacity, job status and location tracking in real time.

The streamlined interface improves decision making which ultimately leads to a happier service team and customers.

Let’s take a tour through what’s coming.

A cleaner interface

The upgraded Scheduler focuses on showing users what’s most important, so you can allocate jobs, and resolve problems efficiently.

We’ve reorganised the user interface to free up working space so that we can show more details when needed. Combined with additional map icons, users can easily see service team location and job status.

NextService Scheduler 4.8 - Desktop & laptop view

Users will find the NextService experience compatible with the leading productivity applications like Office 365 and Google Apps. Standardization of user interface elements across platforms creates an intuitive user experience which improves user adoption and effectiveness.

For example, when you right-click on items in the board, a pop-up appears with more details about the task or person, along with quick links to common actions, making it quick and easy to see and do what you need to.

We’re also now showing a profile icon or initials, for each contact, in both the calendar and the map views, along with a grouping icon, when you have more than one job or team member in close proximity.

Users can also personalise their interface, using the new consolidated settings panel, including choosing a 12-hour or 24-hour format for times, setting the default time range and time zone that are used to display dates and times, and the ability to hide certain elements of the Scheduler, such as the map, individual extensions and popups.

More information when you need it

Although we’ve simplified the interface, that doesn’t mean users have access to any less information. In fact, with our improved visual cues, you’re able see more at once, without the clutter.

And when you need more information on a job or team member, it’s right there through our drilldowns, hovers, filters, groups and detail toggles.

NextService Scheduler 4.8 - Details Pop-up

Our updated colour coding and unsaved changes highlighting also help you glean key information from the interface at a glance, improving accuracy and speed.

Get more done with your day

The new Scheduler also includes a brand-new feature – the “Control Panel Extensions”.

Extensions are options that when deployed allow users to optimize their user experience. Control Panel gives you ready access to the most common tasks you need to complete throughout the course of the day.

4.8 includes the following bundled extensions for all customers:

“People filters” allow you to quickly change whose schedules are displayed on the board, and see just those team members you’re interested in.

“Board filters” gives you control over exactly which tasks appear on the schedule – for example, show just the high priority tasks, or only the ones in the North West region.

NextService Schedulder 4.8 - All panels

But the biggest addition to the new Control Panel is the “Unassigned Tasks” extension.

With this extension you can quickly and easily see which jobs are yet to be assigned to a team member, and then effortlessly drag them onto the appropriate slot in the schedule, all in the one place.

Now your jobs can be allocated in fewer steps, and you can also filter your unassigned tasks list to keep you focused on the jobs that matter most.

The Control Panel is a flexible and powerful way to add functionality to the NextService Scheduler, and we have even more great extensions planned.

Get things done faster & smarter

We’ve also worked hard to improve the performance of the Scheduler, by loading only what you need to see, as you need to see it.

This means less wasted time waiting around for views to refresh and critical information to appear.

We’ve also added a loading indicator to the schedule, so you can be sure that you’re seeing the full picture of each day’s activity.

When can you expect to see the new Scheduler?

We’re currently in Quality Assurance and are expecting to start our Customer Beta release program in late October.

If you’re part of (or wish to participate in) the Customer Beta program, please co-ordinate your upgrade with your local Customer Success Manager.

Get ready for the new NextService Scheduler

As you can see, the new Scheduler for NextService introduces a raft of improvements that will ensure you always know what’s going on and can stay on top of your field service team.

With the improved visibility, increased accuracy and faster task execution of the new Scheduler, you’ll be able to allocate jobs more effectively, keep the team well connected and create more happy customers.

We’re sure that the new Scheduler will help you feel confident that you have everything under control.

Contact Us to discuss NextService and the updates to the Scheduler.