NextService Version 4.8 Has Achieved General Availability Status

Schedule Jobs Faster Than Ever with NextService v4.8

We’re pleased to announce that Version 4.8 of NextService has achieved General Availability (GA) status.

The latest version of NextService brings lots of new features and improvements, and thanks to the hard work of our team and our beta testers, we’re now able to make it available to everyone.

Let’s take a tour through what v4.8 brings to your field service management software solution:

Completely Redesigned Schedule Board

The NextService job scheduling board has been redesigned, inside and out, with a focus on improving both user experience and performance.

The core functionality of the schedule board remains the same, while the updated user interface makes better use of screen real estate, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

The schedule board is also now much more responsive when displaying large volumes of tasks, resources, and dates, meaning less time wasted while you wait for the screen to update.

We’ve also added the often-asked-for “Back to NetSuite” button to the interface, and while this might seem like a minor change, for some it will be welcome news.

The colour scheme and icons for the schedule board have been updated, with colours going from cool to hot to reflect priority, while new icons show job status at a glance.

Watch a demonstration of the great new features of the job schedule board in NextService 4.8:

New Control Panel with Extensions

NextService 4.8 also includes a brand new “Control Panel” that includes extensions for quick filtering of resources, ensuring that you see only what you need to on the schedule board.

Version 4.8 releases with three bundled extensions:

  1. People filters
  2. Board filters, for filtering tasks
  3. Unassigned tasks

Filters for multi-select properties, such as skills, now also support logic matching on “Any or “All” of the selected values, so you can be sure to show only the exact people or tasks you’re interested in.

Extensions allow you to assign jobs in fewer steps, and help you stay focused on the most important tasks.

And we have more extensions planned to further utilise the power of the new Control Panel within NextService.

New Way to Manage Unassigned Tasks

For those of you who’ve been using NextService for a while, you’ll know that managing unassigned tasks was not always as easy or intuitive as it could be.

With the release of NextService 4.8 we’ve completely overhauled our approach to unassigned tasks, making it easier and faster to create and schedule tasks.

The new “Unassigned tasks” extension in the Control Panel displays a list of all tasks that have not been assigned to an employee. This list of tasks can also be filtered to show only the tasks you currently want to focus on.

Unassigned tasks can now simply be dragged from this list into the schedule board, making it fast and simple to allocate these tasks to the right person, and the right time.

Upgraded Mobile Capacity

We’ve improved the way that NextService loads and stores data on mobile devices, to give you better access to tasks and associated content.

The previous offline storage limit sometimes limited the number of tasks or amount of information that could be viewed and was causing occasional instability.

We’ve now increased the storage limit significantly, depending on your device and available space, which means that you can safely load tasks over a wider date range, and see more content per task.

We’ve also made it faster to attach multiple files when completing a form, so using the mobile app to complete your jobs is now even easier.

A Better Way to Manage Field Service Operations

The new features and upgrades in version 4.8 of NextService are designed to make it even easier to manage your field service operations.

And of course, there’s even more improvements “under the hood” that you’ll discover as you use the full breadth of field service management features that NextService version 4.8 offers.

For existing customers, you can get more information on the updates via the Customer Portal.

And if you’d like to know more about NextService for NetSuite and how it can transform field service operations, please contact us.

We look forward to sharing NextService v4.8 with you.