Discover If NetSuite + NextService Field Service Management Is Right for Your Organization

Following is a list of questions and business requirements that will help assess the fit and value of NetSuite + NextService for a Field Service Organization.

Question:  “What do you think will be your biggest challenge for your field service team this year?”

If challenges include:

  • Scheduling,
  • Resource Planning,
  • Compliance,
  • Performance Management,
  • Customer Engagement,
  • Job / Asset History,
  • Logistics,
  • Lack of Real time Visibility,
  • One Version of the truth”

then NetSuite + NextService – which is a CRM, Scheduling, Mobile racking, Performance Management and Financials business platform for Field Service Management – is ideal.

This is not definitive list of challenges for a Field Service team; however, it does help us focus on specific issues that can be used to assess the value of the NetSuite + NextService.

Question: “Describe how your service team collects and reports on customer data like asset and service history?”

Any response that involves paperwork means that your organisation is a prime candidate to benefit from digitizing forms, check lists and transactions. By optimizing data collection in the field and delivery of real time data to the service technician we improve customer service levels by making field teems more effective. We reduce the number of re-visits and increase sales.

The benefits seem self-evident when converting data capture to a digital mobile device apps, however we see many organisations have issues implementing integrations of 3rd party systems with NetSuite. A built for NetSuite native SuiteApp like NextService ensure that all data is stored inside of NetSuite and that all NetSuite transitions are available in the field. It eliminates the risk of a complex integration.

Question: “How do you track field service team activity and performance?”

Many field service organisations know what metrics to capture however find it almost impossible to report due to manual data collection and dispirit systems. Following is a list key metrics that many of out NetSuite + NextService customers use to track performance:

  • Repeat Visit Rate: Rate of return visits due to service failure to complete in first visit.
  • Programmed Maintenance Attach Rate: The percentage of customers who purchase a service contract with a product sale.
  • First Time Fix Rate: Percentage service issues resolved in the first visit.
  • Utilization: Effective work performed by service team.
  • Mean time to complete: Average time to complete service requests.

While the list is not definitive it does show how important is to have in the field mobile data capture which provides real time metrics. NetSuite + NextService provides these metrics out of the box.

Project Scope Questions

The following questions will help assess the scope for the potential NetSuite + NextService solution.

1. Do you have the following Field Service Requirements?

  • Work order logging, assignment to a resource, workflow escalation
  • Warranty management
  • Programmed maintenance
  • Reactive maintenance/break fix service levels

2. Does your organisation require scheduling of resources or crews?

3. Do you cost time, resources, materials or expenses to jobs?

4. Do you track parts and require inventory management?

5. Are services billed from the field, do you require third party billing?

6. Is your organization required to take photos, collect data, show proof of service while in the field?

7. How many field service team members does your organisation utilize?

8. Does your organisation assign and schedule sub-contractor for field services?

While this is list is not a complete requirements definition for Field Service Management, if you answer yes to multiple requirements your organization is a good fit for NetSuite + NextService.

Next Technik are experts in enabling NetSuite for Field Service. Work with Next Technik and create value for Field Service Management opportunities.

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