February 10, 2023

Introducing Gina Miele, Professional Services Manager

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Introducing Gina Miele, Professional Services Manager

Gina Miele, the Professional Services Manager at Next Technik, describes her background as rich and diverse, where each of her past experiences helps explain why she excels at her current mission: helping our customers get value out of NextService.

Gina’s start in retail management taught her the fundamentals of customer service. She later transitioned into accounting and corporate administration, helping to focus her detail-oriented nature toward achieving operational excellence. Excited for the opportunity, Gina was trusted as the lead on several tech implementations and integrations along the way.

As a part of that journey, she had the opportunity to work on an integration for a field service company that performed equipment calibration services. Gina spent time understanding their field service operations to design a mobile application that technicians could use in the field. This application resulted in real-time data upload to NetSuite for reporting and billing purposes, similar to how the NextService Mobile App functions.

With a background in professional services, technology, and field service (plus a brief stint as the Facilities Manager of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit crocodile conservancy), Gina’s experience enables her to relate very well to the needs of her clients. 

We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Gina by highlighting the positive impact she’s already had on Next Technik and revealing a few exciting plans in the works. 

What is a Professional Services Manager?

The Professional Services Team is engaged during the deployment period of our NextService software. The Sales Team transitions clients to a Functional Consultant on our Professional Services Team, who works to understand, in detail, their software requirements and business structure. Technical Consultants then implement changes to the software and configure it to the client’s specific requirements. Professional services conclude when the Statement of Work has been fulfilled. The customer is then transitioned to either an activation manager or directly to Customer Success and Customer Support, depending on the state of their NetSuite status. 

Reporting to Jamie Boos, VP of Customer Experience, Gina leads a team of professional services consultants located worldwide. In addition to managing and mentoring her team, improving processes, and leading strategic initiatives, Gina is also the primary point of escalation for customers in deployment, working to advocate for and ensure their success. It’s her working goal to ensure that the professional services experience runs smoothly for every customer. 

Exciting Changes at a Transitional Time

Joining Next Technik in November of 2021, and being quickly promoted to Professional Services Manager in May of 2022, Gina has ignited real change and improvement within our organization.  Gina has been able to raise the standards of our Professional Services Team while putting some essential changes in place:

  • It has never been easier to get on board with NextService. Our Professional Services Team has been refining our processes, including our Joint Execution Plans, where we partner deeply with our customers’ team to track progress towards a successful outcome.  
  • Additionally, Gina has spearheaded a revamped and streamlined solutions and quoting process that our new and existing customers alike will benefit from.
  • Next Technik has a robust certified partner network, and clients can expect the same exceptional professional services from our partners as from our Professional Services Team. That’s thanks, in part, to Gina and her team’s efforts at standardizing and documenting steps to follow so that every partner follows the same proven process. We’ll talk about our Partner Certification Program, NXPE, in a future article.  
  • We have recently rehomed our Optimization Team within Gina’s Professional Services Team. The Optimization Team makes technical changes on behalf of live clients and is critical to the ongoing success of our customers and their continued growth and strategy with their Field Service Management operations. Gina has been instrumental in aligning the mission of both functions, which smartly leverages aligned ways of working between the teams. We look forward to providing our customers the opportunity to engage in conversations about refining and improving their NextService use through smart and effective conversations with our Optimization Team under Gina’s thoughtful guidance.

Off-Duty Gina

When she’s not working, Gina enjoys motorcycling, traveling, scuba diving, and hiking. She plans annual cross-country motorcycle trips, most recently riding from Colorado to Maryland and back. Motorcycling is a hobby that runs in the family, with her dog regularly participating in sidecar adventures.

The Future of Professional Services 

As Next Technik continues to grow rapidly, Gina will strive towards achieving the highest quality deployments through excellence in FSM and responding to both customer and employee feedback. With Gina Miele as Professional Services Manager, we are confident that every new client will hit the ground running with the NextService software. Explore your deployment – contact us

February 10, 2023
  • Next Technik News
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