Introducing Matthew Christus: Next Technik VP of Customer Success


As Next Technik continues expanding into North America and Europe, we needed someone to keep us laser focused on customer success. We could not let our rapid growth compromise the exemplary experience we promise to each of our customers. That is where Matthew (Matt) Christus comes in.

Matt joined the team at the beginning of 2021 to serve as the vice president of customer success for North America, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand. Matt has spent over 20 years in software, initially working as a support representative at a startup ERP company and ultimately assuming an executive role at a company with $2 billion in revenue.

Matt takes the reins of customer success at Next Technik after most recently occupying a similar role at a comparable company. Matt served as the chief customer officer at MarginPoint–a company that makes field service software targeted at small providers–helping the company go from several dozen customers to over 700 in just three years. He credits that experience and others with teaching him how to scale fast without compromising the customer in the process – exactly what Next Technik aims to do.

Matt arrives with a fresh perspective on customer success that aligns perfectly with our own philosophy of empowering customers above selling software. He also brings to the table the exact skills our company needs to achieve ambitious growth targets in coming quarters.


Developing a Formula for the Future

Customer success depends on two factors: having a seamless experience post-sale, from the start of implementation onward and achieving the desired outcomes in terms of ROI, time saved, visibility gained, and other important customer metrics. We set high standards for customer success, and we brought Matt onboard to ensure we could meet them without exception.

Matt’s first few months at Next Technik have been spent developing relationships with customers and studying how we can improve. Success is subjective, and what works for some verticals and regions does not work for others. Matt understands these subtleties as well as anyone and is dedicated to mapping a successful customer journey for everyone we serve.

Once complete, Next Technik’s roadmap will help us reorganize our operations around a lean approach. Matt will establish specialized teams for specific verticals and regions that can leap into action however our customers require it. Expertise plus agility ensures that any friction our customers encounter gets resolved immediately.

Matt describes Next Technik as “The most customer-centric company I’ve ever worked for.” Our deep commitment to customers existed before Matt arrived, but he represents a crucial piece of the puzzle that has now fallen into place. It is an exciting development for our company and just as exciting for each of our customers – now poised to be more successful than ever.

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