Introducing David Kern: Bringing Next Technik to North America


Introducing David Kern – Leading North American Operations to New Heights 

The year 2021 marks two milestones in David Kern’s career: his 30th year working in software, and his first full year working with Next Technik. Dave joined the team in October 2020 to serve as the Vice President and General Manager of North American Operations. In that role, he will take the reins of a product in a market with immense potential that’s already on an upward trajectory. David brings impressive credentials and exciting plans to Next Technik. Expect to hear many big announcements this year and beyond. 

Before exploring some of Dave’s vision for Next Technik in North America, let’s look back at his decades in software. He spent 16 years working in the world of ERP. Over that time, he wore every hat imaginable: programmer, support, implementation specialist. Dave eventually found his calling in sales, where his numbers vaulted him into a leadership position. He spent the last decade working in a number of sales leadership roles and was looking for his next challenge.  

“I saw a fantastic opportunity at Next Technik  one where I could make an impact quickly,” says DaveHe was right. The number of new customers has grown rapidly. Credit for that belongs to the established processes and oversight that Dave brings to North American operations. Dave is looking forward to fulfilling the tremendous but still untapped potential of the North American market…and things are just getting started. 


Thinking Big About the Future of Next Technik 

Dave oversees all North American operations, which currently have their North American headquarters in Denver and a team of 16 employees. On a daily basis, he will be involved with marketing, sales, support, deployment, and everything in between. He’s also leading a new initiative that will emphasize customer success as one of Next Technik’s core values. 

When asked about plans for the company’s continued growth, Kern states, “As we grow, we don’t want to lose touch with or sight of what got us to this point, which is happy, engaged customers. I want us to be 100% focuseon our customers. If we do that, growth will be that much easier.” 

Another way Dave plans to turbocharge growth is by delivering real value to customers by focusing on the ROI they can achieve from the beginning engagement to collaborative ongoing support. He’s developing a strategy that uses hard numbers to highlight the impressive returns users can expect, especially as they emerge from the pandemic. As we emerge into a new normal, companies need a field service management solution they can trust. Dave aims to build trust with data. 

Other plans are in the works for the remainder of 2021. By mid-yearDave intends to have self-sufficient operations established in North America, encompassing ~30 employees. That team will pursue an ambitious yet attainable target of 300% growth in 12 months!  Meanwhile, Dave will help expand Next Technik into the European market, where there’s already some great traction, established customers, and a lot of interest.  

Asked about the prospects he sees, Dave puts it this way, “I’ve been in software a long time, and I’ve never been part of a company where the problem was growth happening so fast we needed to sprint to keep up. It’s unfamiliar but also exhilarating. I think Next Technik has all the tools in place – people, processes, and, most important, an outstanding product – to leverage our NetSuite FSM leadership position and continue expansion across the globe.” 

To learn more about Next Technik and the NextService award-winning field service management software built on and for NetSuite, request to speak with Dave or one of his team of experts. Or connect with Dave on LinkedIn.