How FSM Software Can Encourage Upsell Opportunities for Your Business

Engineer arrives at job holding a tablet and protective helmet

An upsell opportunity is when you convince customers to purchase more than they had initially planned to. They are the holy grail for any field service provider because successful upselling can significantly increase (or even multiply) the revenue from a service visit while making a service provider seem especially capable and accommodating. Closing an upsell is a big win – and an increasing priority among field service providers. 

Why? Because there are exciting growth opportunities throughout the field service industry combined with hot competition to claim them. Everything from COVID to climate change opens doors for providers to extend or evolve the services they offer to their existing customers. Creative and lucrative upsell opportunities exist everywhere. But so do disruptive startups and mega providers making waves throughout the field service industry. Surviving, thriving, and remaining relevant all depend, to a greater extent than ever before, on selling more to the people you serve. 

Knowing how important upselling has become creates plenty of pressure to close more and bigger opportunities. But as any sales pro can attest, desperation does not close deals. As much as someone might want (or need) to get good at upselling, anything less than a coordinated sales strategy backed by the right team and tools will produce disappointing numbers. 

If upselling sounds appealing but unobtainable, you might be able to blame your FSM software (or lack thereof). The wrong solution can result in disorganized, insufficient, and opaque operations that only make it harder to create, close, or fulfill upsell opportunities. In a lot of ways, upselling is about being able to seize the moment whenever, wherever, and however it arrives. FSM software can be a huge asset for that objective. Or it can get in the way. 

NextService was designed by a team of seasoned field service providers who understand first-hand the importance and challenge of upselling. The expansive toolkit in NextService integrates, coordinates, and accelerates all aspects of service delivery (and so much more since it runs on-platform with NetSuite). Everything improves as a result – including upselling. 

To illustrate how FSM software like NextService can help you excel at upselling, we have listed some of the keys to a successful upselling strategy below, combined with the features of the software that serve that strategy. Once you see what NextService can do, it’s clear how much revenue, marketshare, and goodwill is sitting out there waiting to be won.

Excel at the Basics

Though it seems obvious, we should emphasize that upselling only works on happy customers. People who are unhappy with the work, angry at the tech, or frustrated by their interactions with the provider (even just a little) are unlikely to buy more – and may even get offended by the upsell. That makes it essential to, at the very least, meet all customer expectations and carry out the work exactly as planned.  A satisfied customer is open (even amenable) to signing up for more. 

NextService FSM software helps providers deliver a consistent and exceptional customer experience at scale. Tools for everything from scheduling and dispatch to parts inventory management allow you to synchronize and streamline service delivery so that everything goes right a lot more often. Elevating the quality of service delivery opens up endless new upsell opportunities. Just as importantly, it helps close those opportunities by casting you as the kind of service provider people want to partner with. Great work makes people want more. 

Always Say Yes

Upsell opportunities often come up by surprise – like when a customer remembers they want to schedule additional service just as the tech is walking out the door. Whenever a customer asks if you can provide “more” of something, you want the answer to be yes and for the ball to get rolling immediately. Asking the customer to call the office or fill out a form to be filed later will only lead to lost opportunities. The easiest upsells are the ones that customers already want. When you can make arrangements on the spot and, when possible, get started doing the work immediately, it makes the upsell look both more convenient and more compelling to the customer. 

NextService makes it easy to say yes by giving technicians greater visibility into available resources (parts, equipment, other techs, etc.), tools to amend service orders or create new ones, and even ways to collect payments in the field. Nothing happens later. The tech says yes to whatever the upsell entails and then immediately makes the arrangements using simple interfaces on their phone or tablet so that every upsell opportunity turns into actual revenue.

Sell With Value

You can get customers not just onboard but excited about upselling by framing those offers in terms of value. For example, if a piece of equipment breaks down regularly, upselling a customer a replacement spares them the cost and hassle of additional emergency service calls. Or if someone has brand-new equipment, selling them on a preventative maintenance package creates peace of mind that the investment is safe. Think of upselling as a way to deliver more value, not just extract more revenue, and customers will be enthusiastic to pay more. 

NextService makes it clear where that value exists in two fundamental ways. First, by integrating all data relevant to customers, equipment, job sites, and service histories together in one place. Looking for patterns and trends within that data yields invaluable insights about what upsell offers a customer might need, want, or be unaware of. Second, the fact that NextService runs in perfect sync with NetSuite makes it easier to calculate the economics of upsells and balance company profitability against appealing price points. With all this data to explore and analyze, you can start to create irresistible upsell offers.

Find Adjacent Opportunities

It is important to be realistic about upsell opportunities – there are limits to how much more people will buy. After reaching those limits, look for opportunities to move into adjacent markets and cross sell in addition to upselling. An HVAC provider, for instance, can only upsell so many smart thermostats. But what if they installed solar panels or set up home generators as well? There are huge opportunities to turn loyal customers of one service into loyal customers of multiple services – especially since that means working with few providers and possibly getting price breaks for bundling too.

NextService, in addition to being a tool to manage day-to-day service delivery, helps you evolve, scale, and optimize what you do over the long term. Running on-platform with NetSuite is a big part of that since NextService links service delivery together with business management and runs them from a common core. Moving into new markets and adding new services is a big, risky undertaking, but NextService has the data to reveal what’s possible and practical (and what’s not), so you feel confident making changes and see the greatest revenue gains as a result. 

Never Over-Promise

When you upsell someone on work scheduled for a later date, it can have rippling unintended consequences. When that date arrives, the work may have been left off the schedule, bumped for greater priorities, or need a part that was not ordered in advance. Scrambling to get the work done can create internal chaos that affects other jobs. And if upsold work goes sideways for any reason, it can alienate a quality customer and produce some nasty online reviews. With upsells, it is critical (but often tricky) to never promise what you cannot deliver. 

NextService keeps this from happening by raising the bar for field mobility. Technicians can record any salient details through their device so they end up on the service record without errors or omissions. They can also give insights into scheduling, ensure the job gets on the calendar, and kickstart the parts ordering process. In so many ways, NextService helps you calculate how much new business you can realistically take on and handle the work in stride.

Optimize Technicians

It has been said that technicians are your greatest sales staff. At the end of a job, when the work has gone well and the technician has gained goodwill for themselves (and their employer), along with knowledge about the client, site, or equipment, is the best time to pitch upsell opportunities. People are more likely to say yes in this moment than any other – but that means optimizing technicians to be successful salespeople. 

NextService provides everything technicians need to be successful at upselling without requiring extensive training or complicated sales tactics. Technicians have the information to answer questions, the interfaces to capture important data, and tools to make the whole thing simple for both sides. NextService enhances customer engagement in countless different ways, but especially where it matters most: when a technician is face-to-face with a customer who needs something more.

NextService: Transforming Upselling & Revitalizing RevenueIt can be easy to underestimate how many upsell opportunities exist, how many your team can close, and how much this adds to revenues. Suffice it to say that the opportunity is great – and well within reach thanks to the unique capabilities of the NextService FSM software. See for yourself – schedule a demo.