The Importance of Customer Experience in Medical Device Distribution and Servicing

The idea of what makes a great customer service experience is changing rapidly across many industries including Medical Device distribution and related field services.

Medical professionals and facilities are flooded with marketing and sales messaging, so the ability for your medical device business to stay on top of its game will directly impact your ability to retain your customers and expand your service offering footprint within their organisations.

Service to Experience, the changing nature of FSM

In 2019, the field services landscape has changed dramatically through the development of innovative technologies that are designed to automate and enhance a business’s ability to not only service their customers but to exceed their expectations.

Outdated business models in field service focus solely on the customer relationship, and whether or not, at face value they are happy with the services and products being offered.

In the new model, businesses are wanting to gain competitive advantage by providing industry-leading levels of service in a way that the medical device servicing industry isn’t yet expecting but can benefit from greatly.

Medical equipment is hugely important to the smooth running of a hospital or patient care facilities, and healthcare professionals need to know that the equipment that they rely on to saves lives is always ready to assist in the care of patients.

Being confident in the ability of their equipment to complete the tasks they are designed for is ranked one of the most important factors in healthcare a recent study suggests.

The IOT and increases in the advancement of sensor technology offer a much more sophisticated way of monitoring the status of medical equipment and providing data to pre-emptively manage the requirements of the services of these life-saving devices.

Smart Field Service Businesses are changing the way they look at preventative and panic maintenance to make the most of this data and provide a more proactive and automated service for their health care clients.

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All you need to know about using NextService, Built for NetSuite as your Medical Deveices Wholesale and Distribution Business ERP

The Role of Technology in Field Service

The uprise of the mobile device over the last 10 years has seen a massive change to the traditional paper-based management methods that plagued medical device companies in the past.

Mobile apps, such as NextService are helping companies like Gallay Medical to gain more visibility and control over their field service businesses and provide their customers with a level of customer service that is impossible without the aid of modern field service management software.

In addition to this, the fact that their Field Service Software is built directly on their core ERP platform, NetSuite, the benefits of efficiency and effectiveness in communication, organisations, scheduling and demand planning are amplifying which is helping them to stay on top in an increasingly competitive space.

The Benefits of Integrated Field Service Software for Medical Device Companies

Medical device businesses that have made a commitment to modernising their field service software and operations are seeing many quantifiable benefits to doing so.

In years gone by they had suffered time and financial costs in maintaining disparate systems, spreadsheets and paper-based records.

Today, they benefit from the automation and efficiency that Field Service Software offers to its users.

Interactive Scheduling

Gone are the days where scheduling teams rely on inefficient whiteboards to manage the field service schedule. Not only is this method laborious and manual, but it also prevents organisations in making the most of the potential economies of scale and efficiencies that can be gained by harnessing digital technology in support of scheduling.

Companies like Gallay have seen a huge improvement in scheduling by adopting the use of NextService’s drag and drop scheduling tools, that are built to be linked to their open and upcoming cases in NetSuite. The scheduling team are able to see in real time what has been booked, any clashes and automate the communication of key information about these jobs to both the customer and field service technicians.

Mobile Communication

Because mobile technology has experienced rapid advancement and user adoption in the past 10 years, medical device companies now have a wide selection of apps available to help keep their technicians on the road completing billable work, rather than travelling to and from the office to provide updates from manual and paper-based systems.

When your field service software is integrated to your core business systems, mobile communication becomes significantly easier because you are relying on a single system to manage your entire business from sales and customer service, job scheduling and bookings, service completion reporting, customer billing and general field service utilisation reporting and operational improvement planning.

Better Customer Service

The customer is king. In 2019, more than ever before, the customer has access to a wealth of information including reviews on the quality of services to make informed decisions about the medical device distributors and service businesses they choose to work with. Field Service Software helps a business to streamline their field service function and give them the best possible chance of proving an outstanding experience that customers will talk about.

Businesses who are putting their customer experience first by investing in field service technology are seeing huge benefits to both their service levels and their bottom line.

Increased Visibility

Data is key to spotting trends and making good business decisions. However, if the data you keep is in different locations or silos it can be difficult to impossible to use this data effectively which means the effort to collect it can largely go to waste.

A centralised approach to data management and information visibility means making the decision to move to single system technology, such as NetSuite and NextService. A single system provides a simplified environment for each department of your business to conduct their core functions and acts as a single silo of information for all customers, service and financial information.

Real-Time Information

Cloud technology gives field service businesses, especially those in the medical device distribution, manicuring and servicing industries with real-time information that can be shared instantaneously. Legacy on platforms is by their nature separated by network and location. Cloud technology allows for a single system of records that is accessible in real time from any device in any location.

NetSuite and NextService are the leading products for Field Service businesses as they provide an end to end solution to manage every aspect of a growing field services and medical device distribution company. More often than not a medical device business is a global enterprise and investing in cloud technology means that you can grow rapidly and take advantage of the scalability that cloud ERP software provides its users.

Competitive Advantage

In a world of an increasing competition being able to set your medical device distribution and field service business apart is key to your ongoing growth and success. Smart companies, like Gallay, have already made the switch to a modern, single platform, cloud-based system that gives them a unique competitive advantage over the competition.

If you would like to understand how NetSuite and NextService can help modernise your business systems strategy and provide huge benefits to your Medical Device distribution business then speak to one of our experts today.