Why NetSuite Customers Select NextService FSM Software

If you answer yes to these three questions, then NextService will add compelling value for NetSuite prospects and customers.

  1. Does the prospect provide services in the field as a core part of their business value proposition? This could be a company that distributes equipment or sells materials and provides after sale preventative maintenance and break fix services as a value add. Or it could be a pure play service company that provides an in-the-field workforce with technical expertise or specialty services.
  2. Does the prospect need to schedule jobs, resources, and location-based services? Scheduling work orders and jobs and dispatching parts and technicians is a massive juggling act that impacts customer happiness, productivity, and profitability when it goes wrong.
    Companies that provide work on-demand or preventive services understand effective real-time scheduling is the key to maintaining service levels and efficiency.
  3. Is there a requirement to complete activity and transitions in the field on a mobile device? All modern field service organizations understand the benefits of digitizing in the field operations. Mobile Field Force automation is the key to improving productivity, profitability, and customer happiness.



Help decision makers say yes by addressing mission-critical business requirements out of the box with NextService.

NOT addressing these questions when engaging with a field service prospect is like solutioning wholesale distribution and never asking about inventory or warehousing.

Field service decision makers select NetSuite + NextService from Next Technik to:

  • Improve customer service levels with effective scheduling, using NetSuite CRM Tasks, Project Tasks, and NextService Schedule Board.
  • Achieve operational excellence with NextService mobile for in-the-field timesheets, expenses, consumables, quotes, sales orders, transfers, proof of service, check lists, and forms.
  • Improve accountability with NetSuite project profitability, dashboards, and business intelligence reporting.

Field service companies select NetSuite when they understand the value of native built for NetSuite software solutions like NextService.

Speed up prospect buying decisions, increase close rates, and provide compelling value for NetSuite customers by including NextService when engaging field service organizations.

Next Technik team members are experts in enabling NetSuite for field service management. Let Next Technik help you close field service opportunities faster.

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