Introducing Jamie Boos, VP of Customer Experience

At Next Technik, we make the customer experience our highest priority, striving to always improve quality, consistency, and customization for everyone who relies on our field service management (FSM) software. So, the choice of a new executive to lead our customer experience was a major decision. We can say without hesitation that we found the perfect candidate – someone who will raise the bar for customer experience not only in our company but throughout the FSM market. It is with great enthusiasm that we would like to introduce you to our Vice President of Customer Experience, Jamie Boos. 


Who better to take the reins of customer experience than someone who has a deep background in field service themselves? After earning a degree in Civil Engineering, Jamie spent 10 years working on everything from bridge design to hydrology, first in Missouri and later in Idaho. Some of that work was in the office, but just as much was out in the field, working among teams to collect data and manage projects on site. Jamie comes to Next Technik with a hard-earned understanding of what it takes to make field service work. 

She combines field experience with technical expertise. Jamie understands tech from both the user and the developer side of the coin. And from her years in engineering, when she had to wrangle data from the field into something useful back at the office, Jamie has seen firsthand how technology can help or hurt a business striving for more success.  

After her career evolved from consulting engineering into professional services, Jamie spent the last decade working in customer experience, managing everything from deployments to client relationships. She was the Director of Customer Success at a sustainability consulting firm directly before joining Next Service. And while she loved her previous job, she saw a unique synergy between her past experience, her current expertise, and her future goals when the opportunity at Next Technik presented itself: 

“Managing across the entire customer experience has been building throughout my career through a variety of paths that have now merged into a clear roadmap for taking our NextService customers to a new level of productivity, efficiency, and overall happiness.”  


Jamie joined Next Technik at the beginning of 2022, and her first priority has been getting the customer experience team to full strength. Fast growth combined with a very tight job market had left the team smaller than adequate to meet our high-performance standards. Keenly aware of what the team needed in terms of size and skills, Jamie brought some impressive new talent onboard so that each pillar of the customer experience meets and exceeds expectations.  

“I’ve already seen tremendous growth and change in the company from my first day,” she says. “We’ve ended up with an incredibly strong team.” 

With the normal routines and responsibilities of customer experience now on track, Jamie is turning her attention to more strategic initiatives. And while that will encompass many things (more on that below) they will all be in service of the same objective: meeting the ambitious performance metrics Next Technik applies to all phases of the customer experience.  Objectives and key results (OKRs) guide everything we do at Next Technik, and Jamie will use those as her north star so that the customer experience doesn’t just change – it continuously improves.  

Data will be a big part of that effort, but so will customer feedback. Someone with Jamie’s background understands that positive and negative experiences are for customers to decide and not always what the vendor intended or expected. Listening reveals what’s really going right and wrong for customers. And for a team as dedicated to serving as Jamie’s, soliciting feedback and taking it seriously will ensure that every improvement we make is practical and impactful.  

To that end, Jamie stresses that she is eager to speak to any customer personally, for any reason. “I am absolutely here to have a conversation with folks. And I look forward to those conversations, whether they’re happy or not, because every interaction with a customer helps us improve and provides the customer more opportunity for success.


Something that attracted Jamie to the role at Next Technik was the opportunity to work with an organization that shared many of her own values and philosophies. First and foremost was a commitment to meaningful benefits and true solutions. 

“What matters is keeping things really practical and ensuring that it works for customers rather than selling bells and whistles.”  

At Next Technik, she saw a product built by actual field service providers and designed to solve the biggest challenges in the field or back at the office. That commitment to substance over flash carried through to the customer experience team, where the goal has always been to deploy the most urgent and important features first, make the biggest positive impact in the shortest time necessary, then continuously improve and strategically expand things from there. What’s important is results, stresses Jamie. 

That mindset helps explain Jamie’s overarching philosophy of the customer experience, developed over a decade of helping companies manage change and embrace technology. She gauges all her efforts by the same standard: “My number one personal metric is happy customers, and at the root of that is successful customers. So, I really want our customers to be extremely successful in deploying and using the software, seeing the value in the field, and getting return on investment.” 


Jamie’s own perspectives, in combination with user dataextensive customer feedback, and lots of good input from her team have enabled her to identify exciting ways to upgrade the customer experience and further enhance the value of our FSM software. Some of the plans Jamie and her staff of NetSuite and NextService experts will focus on in the coming months include: 

  • Sales integrationImproved coordination between the sales and customer experience teams will lead to smoother transitions between departments. That way, customers can be assured of a seamless transition from prospects to productive and satisfied users, enjoying a smooth and positive customer experience from the start.  
  • Customer discovery – Jamie and her team are on a mission to discover new details about how customers are successfully using and/or struggling with the software. Efforts are underway to capture more, and better, data that will ultimately guide improvements to the customer experience.  
  • Go live – The moment when companies switch off the old system and switch on the new one (“go live”) is critical and consequential. Jamie and her team of NextService consultants will be focusing on making this element of the deployment happen quickly and seamlessly. 
  • Scale preparation – All signs suggest the NextService user base will continue to grow at a fast pace. To stay ahead of that growth and preserve a stellar customer experience, Jamie will be actively recruiting more staff, documenting best practices, improving policies and practices, and monitoring for any evidence of a declining experience.  
  • Partner programWe will be teaming up with our partner community to enable more deployment capacity around the world, connecting customers with partners and building a marketplace of resources.  

“My plan is for the customer success team to become a lot more prescriptive and proactive in their conversations with customers. We also have a goal to achieve much faster response times from our customer support team. We are determined to improve the go-live experience for customers at deployment. And with expanded optimization services, our product can grow and mature as business processes change for our customers.”  

Next Technik – Delivering an Unparalleled Customer Experience

When our customers have a better experience, their customers have a better experience, too. Because when our customers are equipped to make the most of our FSM software, they can improve service delivery in all the ways that matter to their customers, turning an investment in our software into a return that builds on the bottom line. That’s why we consider the customer experience so important.

In fact, we recently rolled out Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) as a way of measuring customer experience. Each support email includes a prompt and a link to the NextService Feedback Survey. This feedback will be used to provide NextService users with an even better customer experience.