August 09, 2022

A Year In Review: Fiscal Year ’21-’22

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As we close out the Australian financial year, I thought I’d give our customers, partners, and team an update on how Next Technik is growing as a company, and Next Service is expanding as a product.

This past twelve months has been fantastic for the growth of the business — yet another year where we’ve doubled our revenues. This has been driven by the hard work of our sales and marketing teams to grow our customer base and our customer experience team to onboard and support our new and existing customers. Throughout this year, we’ve also found that larger and larger businesses are turning to Next Service as a solution to their Field Service challenges. In fact, the size of our average customer has grown by over 30% — a testament to how our product has matured over the past year.

Speaking of the product, this is an area where we’ve significantly ramped up our investment. Our product development team, now led by Chief Operating Officer & Chief Product Officer Brandon Sheppard, has grown dramatically. We’ve invested significant resources into modernizing the foundations of our application and embracing modern best-practice product development standards. For example, we are confident that the level of automation (such as automated testing) we have achieved goes well beyond the average business in our space. These new foundations are now enabling us to move faster and with more confidence. Now, we’re hard at work improving the usability of our mobile application (which will eventually manifest as a comprehensive overhaul of the look and feel of the app) and improving our schedule board to better support large workforces with complex scheduling needs.

Product development is not the only area of the business that has grown — we’ve also grown our Professional Services, Customer Success, Support, Partner Enablement, Sales and Marketing teams. Key individual hires around the business include:

  • VP of Customer Experience Jamie Boos, who has unified our customer support, customer success and professional services teams under one umbrella, built a CX leadership team, and improved our ways of working in each of these areas.
  • The appointment of Tania Large and Andrew Sleath to Heads of Sales Channel positions for APAC and EMEA, respectively. These appointments reflect our strong commitment to each of the markets in which we operate. Andrew has shown his commitment by relocating from the US to London earlier this year!
  • The promotion of Luke Mackay to Head of Engineering. Luke is in charge of our technical vision and managing our growing workforce of software engineers.
  • Operations Manager Caitlin Schmidt, who has worked to evolve our ways of working across the entire business.
  • Jesse Russel, our new Product Manager who has led our product development squads through this past year of development work.

Additionally, we’ve started building a Partner Enablement certification program. This program will support our partners to deploy Next Service and our first certification tracks will be delivered before the holidays with two sessions in the US (Denver) and one in the UK.

Our marketing efforts have also seen significant improvements and expansion. In our continuous effort to provide value to our customers, we have created dozens of blogs, case studies, videos, and more to provide critical industry information and user pro-tips. This has also led to expanding our marketing into new markets, such as EMEA, in which we look forward to meeting new partners and customers in the space.

Finally getting our growing team together in person has been a simple but impactful joy of the last twelve months. While we remain a remote-friendly business with a workforce distributed over three continents and many cities, we’ve appreciated our renewed freedoms to get together, collaborate, and enjoy a drink and a meal. We’ve been able to collaborate at events like our sales kickoff, NetSuite user group meetings, and (equally important) informal team gatherings.

To conclude, this past year has been the best year yet for Next Technik, and we’re eagerly looking towards the future. I’d like to thank all of our customers, partners, and staff, who’ve all been such a big part of the Next Technik story. As we enter tenuous economic conditions, we’re grateful to have built a strong, rapidly growing, and profitable business that is not dependent on outside funding. We’re very well positioned to help even more businesses to improve their operational efficiency in the field and build stronger businesses on the Next Service platform.

Hope to see you at SuiteWorld ’22!

August 09, 2022
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