5 Ways Pool & Spa Service Companies Can Improve Customer Experience


The pandemic has adversely affected many industries, but not the pool and spa industry. With people relying on their homes for entertainment, recreation, exercise, and relaxation more than ever, the demand for new pools and spas skyrocketed during 2020, as did calls for repairs, service, and upgrades. This surge in business is certainly welcomed by pool and spa companies, but with more customers, comes more responsibility. 

The increase in your customer base means an increase in customer experiences. And if each one of those experiences is not exceptional, business owners risk having first-time customers become one-time customers. In addition, if a pool and spa company becomes overwhelmed with serving new customers, it may inadvertently neglect the loyal customers who make up the core of its cash flow. Just because business is booming does not mean success comes automatically. On the contrary, companies will need to fine-tune how they manage and deliver field service. Otherwise, they risk becoming victims of their own success. 

Here are fives strategies to ensure every customer has a stellar experience. 

1. Provision Technicians Properly

Speed is the ultimate metric in field service. Customers do not want to wait for repairs. With pool season on the way, they will be eager to get a technician on site ASAP. It is important to send a technician who has the right skills and experience to perform the work. Their schedule and location also factor into the decision. Even with a small team of technicians, provisioning them in the most efficient way possible involves agility and numerous considerations. A field service management platform makes the right choice clear by providing a big-picture perspective and data-driven insights into who to send where, when, and with what parts and tools in their truck. 

2. Keep the Details Straight

Many issues with field service can be resolved when technicians have a complete service history accessible through their phone or tablet. They can explore past problems and the associated fixes. They can reference notes about client preferences and unique needs. And they can contact technicians who have previously worked on the pool or spa to get first-hand advice. Good record keeping combined with extensive information sharing are prerequisites for a positive customer experience. Rely on a field service management platform to serve as a single source of truth that lives in the cloud where it is effortless for technicians in the field to access. 


3. Streamline Service Delivery

From the customer’s perspective, a positive experience means a seamless service delivery process. Customers expect that throughout this process, from first contact to final payment, interacting with the technician AND the entire pool and spa company team will go smoothly. Delivering on that expectation requires team members working on the same platform at all times. With the foundation of a robust and user-friendly field service management platform, dispatch and technicians work in perfect sync thanks to effortless information sharing, better visibility, and stronger communication and collaboration. Service delivery improves by default with the right field service management platform.

4. Improve First-Time Fix

Key to delivering a top-notch customer experience is addressing the issue the right way the first time the technician arrives. Field service providers can push their first-time fix rate (FTFR) upwards by ensuring technicians are properly equipped – outfitted with all necessary tools, parts, equipment, and materials – when they arrive at each job. Technicians will also need access to advice and guidance when the right fix is not obvious. Doing whatever it takes to get the fix right in one visit is not easy, but the odds get much better when there is a field service platform in place to synthesize everyone’s efforts. 

5. Plan to Scale

The increase in home pool and spa installations will result in an increase of additional service calls in coming years. With demand set to increase even more than it already has, the efforts of pool and spa companies to improve customer experience will need to scale accordingly. Maintaining a standard of excellence while serving even more customers over a potentially broader service area requires high levels of coordination and calculation. Prepare for any amount of growth by relying on a complete field service management platform that seamlessly integrates with the NetSuite ERP. 

The customer experience can be something you excel at – this pool season and every season thereafter – or it can be your greatest struggle. Make sure you are on the right side of the equation with NextService, a field service management platform that runs inside the NetSuite ecosystem. With a complete solution for all things field service, you control the quality of the customer experience.  

Not currently using NetSuite? No problem. We welcome the opportunity to show you how NextService + NetSuite more than covers the cost of implementation. Contact us to learn more.