3 Types of NetSuite Partners and 5 Reasons to Use Them


If your organization has licensed NetSuite, congratulations on your decision. You have selected a powerful platform for automating the key functions of your business.   

NetSuite is widely regarded as the best cloud-based ERP system. With 30,000 installations for businesses of all sizes, NetSuite can dynamically and innovatively address a company’s ever-changing needs.  

Users and independent reviewers praise NetSuite’s capabilities, including its: 

  • Robust features 
  • Ability to integrate with other systems  
  • Unified, highly integrated suite of applications on a single platform in a cloud architecture 
  • Ability to scale easily as a business grows 
  • Customization flexibility 
  • Versatility to simplify complex workflows and processes 
  • Automatic bi-annual upgrades 

However, benefits do not stream automatically from NetSuite’s extensive attributes. In fact, according to Gartner, 75% of ERP projects fail. So, it is vitally important to make sure the system is implemented and configured properly. Implementation success is much more likely when performed by a team highly experienced with NetSuite—its powerful features, its customization capabilities, how to configure it to help businesses get optimum results, and how to plan and manage the implementation project from start to finish.  

Most companies lack this level of in-house expertise for successfully implementing NetSuite and the ‘Built for NetSuite’ (BFN) applications that extend its capabilities. This leads to another key reason users report for selecting NetSuite: its rich partner community. 

NetSuite has various types of partners to help customers get full value from their NetSuite software. The major ones are: 

  1. NetSuite Solution Providers are often the same firm that introduced a new customer to NetSuite. In addition to helping prospects evaluate NetSuite and selling licenses, they often help with implementation and support.
  2. NetSuite Alliance Partners provide business transformation consulting, integration, and implementation services. They are NetSuite experts and possess a comprehensive and deep understanding of NetSuite.
    Solution Providers and Alliance Partners help educate businesses on the power and flexibility available through NetSuite, empowering them to choose the best path forward for a successful implementation. These partners are most frequently sought out by business leaders seeking expert assistance in digital transformation, including the implementation, deployment, and maintenance of NetSuite and associated NetSuite applications.
  3. NetSuite Developer Partners. A third partner category is made up of NetSuite Developer Partners who develop specialized and complementary applications that extend the NetSuite platform and have made NetSuite their development foundation. In addition to building and selling specialized applications, NetSuite Developer Partners also help customers with the integration and customization of their specialized software. These partners are members of NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) and extend NetSuite’s value with specialized functions that can be fully integrated with NetSuite’s core ERP functionalities. Yes, NetSuite developer partners perform implementation and customization services, too, but typically only for the specialized software they have authored.

Successful Business Woman in Office Building

Benefits of Using a NetSuite Implementation Partner

Many NetSuite clients have substantial technical knowledge on staff. But few new clients have a staff with extensive NetSuite-specific implementation experience across multiple organizations, which is exactly what will get you will get when you engage with a NetSuite partner.  

Consider the following benefits: 

  1. Reduced risk. Choose the best solution the first time and rest assured you will not have to change solutions. Partners’ planning, implementation, and deployment processes provide a solid and secure foundation for a successful transition to NetSuite and NextService. With the knowledge and training they provide, you can successfully leverage all your features and functionality. They analyze client business processes and configure the best solution for client needs. Partners can also help formulate the best process to migrate huge amounts of data to a new ERP system and eliminate the risk of losing this data.
  2. Access to expertise. Access to partners’ expertise ties closely to risk reduction. A partner with expertise in your industry will have knowledge of best practices and technology developments, helping you to plan and implement solutions that are perfectly configured to meet your business’s unique requirements. Partner teams specialize in ERP software and implementations, so their collective experience ensures you are receiving service you can trust. Partner expertise facilitates crafting a system that is most effective for your specific company size and industry.
  3. Longevity. Partners help clients ensure the longevity of their NetSuite investment by delivering a solution totally configured for your business needs. They can also provide optimization services and provide additional configuration as your company grows and faces changing requirements.
  4. Maximized ROI. Disparate systems erode your profits and put a ceiling on your productivity. Contrast that with the ROI you can achieve with NetSuite, supported by a partner dedicated to providing a perfectly configured long-term solution that will deliver the efficiency and comprehensive business intelligence required to scale your business. Working with a partner for ERP implementation, you can rely on a team of experts who are dedicated to creating a successful ERP system for your company AND saving you from costly mistakes that undermine many implementation projects.
  5. Optimization. For larger companies already using the NetSuite ERP system, the possibility exists that your system is not optimized to its full potential. Partners can review your existing NetSuite configuration, identifying opportunities to maximize efficiency, save money, remove unnecessary features, and identify features with untapped potential. Larger companies often have greater customization needs than new companies because there is a lot more data and business processes that have grown with the business throughout the years. A well-configured and consistently optimized ERP system makes existing employees’ lives easier—and streamlines the learning processes associated with onboarding. 

Look for the Native SuiteApp Badge When Shopping FSM Solutions for NetSuite

NetSuite Native SuiteApp

If you are seeking to extend your NetSuite capabilities with a sophisticated solution for field service management (FSM), there are many reasons to consider NetSuite + NextService. Here are some of the advantages you can expect:

  • NextService leverages the power of the NetSuite development platform.
  • Your NextService support team fully understands the core building blocks within NetSuite and how to exploit their power.
  • NextService encompasses the full range of field service functions, from customer engagement, scheduling, and dispatch to asset management, inventory, billing, reporting, and analytics.
  • The field mobile capabilities include custom forms and checklists, signature and photo capture, inventory visibility, and data capture for real-time metrics.
  • With NextService’s agile approach to implementation, you can achieve faster time to value, increased efficiency, and greater flexibility.

In addition, there are big advantages of a native NetSuite application over a hybrid, integrated, or third-party application. NextService works natively within NetSuite as a comprehensive solution for managing the mobile workforces of commercial, residential, and industrial service industries. A Built-for-NetSuite native SuiteApp like NextService will ensure that all data is stored inside of NetSuite, seamlessly available for NetSuite billing, inventory, and financial reporting functions.

Three BFN badge types—Native, Integrated, and Hybrid—indicate the level of integration of a partner’s application with NetSuite.

NextService earned the top-level Native badge, meaning the entire solution resides on NetSuite’s platform. If you read NextService case studies, you’ll appreciate the high value that our customers place on having a field service management solution that operates natively within NetSuite.

For example, David Van Rooy of Vanrooy Machinery in Victoria, Australia, said, “We looked at available software and selected NetSuite and NextService. Their native integration was the key selling point. The NextService product genuinely works within NetSuite. It is seamless. It is not a bolt-on product. It just works.”

 Key Takeaways

  • With NetSuite, you have a system with virtually unlimited potential for process improvements, customization, and flexibility to keep adapting to future needs.
  • As a cloud-based ERP system with automatic upgrades, NetSuite keeps every customer continuously up to date with the latest refinements. No need to staff up for cumbersome release implementations!
  • NetSuite’s value is heavily dependent on how well it is implemented and configured.
  • NetSuite implementation partners provide invaluable expertise to help you maximize NetSuite’s value for your business.
  • NetSuite partners can drastically reduce the risks associated with do-it-yourself implementations.
  • Partner-supported NetSuite customers don’t have to fear system obsolescence; they probably have the last ERP platform they will ever need.
  • NetSuite development partners offer hundreds of industry- and function-specific extensions of NetSuite’s core capabilities.