NetSuite SuiteApp for Mobile Field Service

NextService is built in, on and for NetSuite. And only NetSuite.

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We've earned the Native SuiteApp Badge from NetSuite

NextService resides only on the the SuiteCloud platform. It's deployed to your account using NetSuite's SuiteBundler. Most importantly, every component of our solution is reviewed and certified for interoperability by NetSuite (Built for NetSuite review).

SuiteBundler makes it easy to install in your NetSuite environment

NextService is distributed using NetSuite's SuiteBundler technology. SuiteBuilder allows us to safely install our software into your sandbox or production account without interfering with existing workflows or scripts.

One repository for all your financial and field operations data - NetSuite

No API development or maintenance costs. No need to troubleshoot multiple platforms and databases. With NextService everything is one place - NetSuite.

5-star review from Southwestern Scale

Southwestern Scale

“You are already a very smart company to choose NetSuite because you see the value of the architecture that NetSuite is built upon. NextService is simply an extension of NetSuite, and is built with the same flexibility and scalability your company found desirable by choosing NetSuite to manage all of your important company functions.”

Roger Dumont

President / Co-Owner

5-star review from New Zealand Frost Fans

New Zealand Frost Fans

“Having field capability was critical to supporting the installation and servicing of our fans, sometimes in the middle of nowhere with no coverage! Fundamentally, the solution will provide us with process continuity from the factory right through to tracking of our fans in the field, thus assisting with our customers’ experience”

Phil Springford

Commercial Manager

Rated Five-Stars on NetSuite SuiteApp

NetSuite SuiteApp Marketplace Five-Star Reviewed

Our customers, thrilled with the efficiency improvements and cost savings provided by NextService, have reviewed us with 5 out of 5 stars on the NetSuite SuiteApp Marketplace.

Discover NextService Native SuiteApp for NetSuite

Watch this two-minute video tour of our industry-leading and learn how NextService streamlines field service operations.

0 % Decrease in Lost Stock

Our customers drastically reduce the amount of lost stock and tools after implementing NextService.

0 % Increase in Jobs Completed

With NextService, our customers' field staff are able to complete at least 25% more jobs, per technician, per day.

0 % Reduction in Paperwork

Our customers are able to completely eliminate paper-based processes for managing their field service operations,
NextService is a Native SuiteApp

Available at

As a certified SDN (SuiteCloud Developers Network) partner, you can learn more about us by visiting
  • Native SuiteApp – no API development or maintenance costs.  All your data is in one place – NetSuite.
  • Developed for NetSuite and NetSuite only – we are a certified Built for NetSuite partner.  Our solution works with current and all future versions of NetSuite.
  • Installation uses NetSuite’s SuiteBundler – ensures software bundling is safe and secure.
  • Ongoing support – one database and a single solution platform simplifies troubleshooting and problem resolution.
  • Complete compatibility – NextService is designed to work in NetSuite, like NetSuite.  Projects, cases, inventory, billing rules – we extend NetSuite functionality to field operations.
  • NextService is NetSuite + Mobile Field Service – we add built-in scheduling, customer asset management and a feature rich mobile app.  The result is the industry’s most comprehensive field service software solution that is made for NetSuite.
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Built for Oracle Netsuite

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The Buyers Guide will help you evaluate Field Service Management SuiteApps to ensure your chosen SuiteApp addresses all of your business needs.

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