NetSuite: The Number One Cloud ERP Software for Business

NetSuite provides a single unified business management software suite, encompassing ERP, financials, CRM, and e-commerce for more than 40,000 organizations globally.
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NetSuite is a complete business management solution for your business based entirely in the cloud and includes industry best practices and extensive customizability.

NetSuite ERP enables organizations to reduce costs, optimize accounting, streamline logistics, automate reporting, and improve overall business productivity.

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NetSuite supports a comprehensive range of modules, called SuiteApps, that extend the software’s functionality even further.

Leverage the power of the NetSuite cloud ERP in your business, and build a single, integrated solution that meets all of your needs.

NetSuite Cloud ERP Software - Suite App Built for NetSuite

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The Buyers Guide will help you evaluate Field Service Management SuiteApps to ensure your chosen SuiteApp addresses all of your business needs.

Built for Oracle Netsuite

NextService: Field Service Software + Mobile App

NextService is built in, on, and solely for NetSuite.

NextService extends NetSuite’s native functionality to field technicians.

It then adds robust Scheduling and Dispatch, customer asset tracking, and the industry’s most flexible and powerful mobile app to provide a comprehensive field service management software solution¬†right within NetSuite.

Customer Asset Management

NextService customer asset management includes asset records that can be configured to meet the unique needs of diverse industries and complex devices. A complete service history of every asset and every component is retained within NetSuite, and should an asset move or change ownership, service history is retained and transferred to the new location or owner.

Scheduling and Dispatch

The NextService Scheduler allows office personnel to schedule the right technician for the right job, every time. Personnel can view the Scheduler by technician skill, region, cost and more. And pop-ups allow office personnel to access customer, location, asset, job and other information directly from the Scheduler, right within NetSuite. The Scheduler also includes a mobile app emulator which allows office personnel to aid field technicians to diagnose potential problems - and even train new technicians remotely.

Mobile App

The NextService mobile app runs on nearly any device or operating system. The HTML-5-based app is almost completely configurable enabling companies to include or exclude specific information, tabs or forms based on the job, customer asset or technician. Form data from the app flows directly to NetSuite for in-depth reporting and analytics. Voice recognition, mapping, signature and photo capture are all standard features. And being cloud-based, all data is available to everyone in real-time, no matter where they are.

Award-Winning Software

NextService was recognized as the 2013 winner of NetSuite's 'YOURsuite' award for Best Internal Development. NextService was selected from more than 12,000 organizations and subsidiaries that have implemented NetSuite.
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NetSuite Native SuiteApp

Rated Five-Stars on NetSuite SuiteApp

NetSuite SuiteApp Marketplace Five-Star Reviewed

Our customers, thrilled with the efficiency improvements and cost savings provided by NextService, have reviewed us with 5 out of 5 stars on the NetSuite SuiteApp Marketplace.

0 % Decrease in Lost Stock

Our customers drastically reduce the amount of lost stock and tools after implementing NextService.

0 % Increase in Jobs Completed

With NextService, our customers' field staff are able to complete at least 25% more jobs, per technician, per day.

0 % Reduction in Paperwork

Our customers are able to completely eliminate paper-based processes for managing their field service operations,

Manage Field Service Operations with NextService + NetSuite

See how NextService + NetSuite ERP can help your field service operations run more efficiently.

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Our product guide details everything you need to know about NextService, the world's leading Built for NetSuite Native Field Service Software.

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