Next Technik’s Partner Program Promotes Mutual Success through Outstanding Customer Engagements

Next Technik works with selected partners around the world to provide outcome-driven solutions for customers. Our partnerships are the cornerstone of customer engagement, nurturing a collaborative relationship, trust, and enthusiasm to grow together. As a Next Technik partner, you will broaden your offerings to serve more NetSuite clients.
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  • Risk Reduction

    Next Service, built on the NetSuite platform, is 100% compatible with NetSuite. This removes the risk of third-party integrations and provides a single source of truth for end users. NetSuite partner teams enjoy a short learning curve, since Next Service uses the same NetSuite records, functionality, and tools they are already familiar with. Our experience with the NetSuite SuiteSuccess methodology supports a unified team approach. 

  • Seamless Sales and Implementations

    We do the heavy lifting and support your team as the FSM experts. For Referral Partners this includes all demonstrations and pre-sales support, with built-in flexibility to accommodate your pre-sales approach.

    Channel Partners have a dedicated partner manager who works hand-in-hand with you throughout the sales process.

    Next Technik’s technical and functional consultants work collaboratively with our partners during the implementation of NetSuite and Next Service.

    Partners who become certified to implement Next Service through the Next Technik Professional Services program receive in-depth classroom and online training.

  • Synergy

    We work with partners who share our values, which leads to inevitable synergies and exceptional experiences for you and your customers. Synergy yields optimal outcomes, including delighted customers.

    Including NetSuite’s top field service app in your sales proposals not only makes it easier to sell NetSuite but also increases your deal size and, as a result, your average recurring revenues.

  • Customer Retention

    Next Technik helps partners deliver a valuable solution that improves your customers’ profitability and productivity. Next Service customers earn a rapid and significant return on their investment and are much less likely to migrate away from NetSuite.  

  • Market Opportunities

    The field service management (FSM) market is growing rapidly, projected to reach $29.9 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 19.2%. Next Service customers represent 51+ micro-verticals worldwide, including equipment manufacturers, energy and plumping companies, construction services, facilities management, food and beverage services, healthcare, and many more. We are experiencing tremendous growth and want our Partners to grow with us.

Our Network of NetSuite Partners

Join Next Technik’s global network of NetSuite partners working with us to facilitate a transformational impact on customers’ businesses, by elevating the return on their investment in a worldclass ERP system extended to meet the needs of field service organizations.  

  • Referral Partners

    Our Referral Partner Program offers a tiered-commissions structure based on the number of referred Next Service deals won. Next Technik solutions consultants are available at the partner’s discretion to demo the software.

  • Channel Partners

    We work strategically with Next Technik Channel Partners to foster a strategic relationship that enables the partner to promote NetSuite + Next Service. Channel partners earn healthy commissions on Next Service sales while accruing marketing co-op funds.   

  • Professional Service Partners

    Next Technik also offers a Professional Services Program through which both Channel and Referral Partners can become certified to implement Next Service, thereby increasing services revenues for the partner organization.


Our network of NetSuite Partners

Join Next Technik’s global network of NetSuite Solution Providers who are working with us to facilitate a transformational impact on customers’ businesses and to leverage their cloud investment as they implement NetSuite + Next Service.

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