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Field Service Management Software for Wholesalers

Success in the wholesale business is about efficiency, accuracy, and consistency. Next Service field service management software helps wholesalers monitor and manage delivery better than ever, unleashing profitability.
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Next Service is generating big savings in time.

David Van Rooy, CEO at VanRooy Machinery

Next Service helped a kitchen equipment wholesaler move faster and run leaner by integrating all aspects of service delivery onto one platform where key administrative tasks are automated. Data now moves seamlessly through service delivery, from scheduling to billing. And in addition to saving time, there are fewer errors, smarter insights, and more revenue opportunities. Next Service has transformed this wholesaler for the better. 

  • Scheduling
    Simplified Scheduling & Dispatch
    Compare the skills and schedule required for each job with the technicians available to find the best match quickly. Better scheduling fits more site visits into one day.
  • Inventory (1)
    Precise Inventory Management
    See what’s in inventory from the field and easily explore the parts and equipment requirements for upcoming jobs. Complete visibility leads to fewer stock losses and more accurate ordering.
  • Unprecedented Productivity
    Lower Administrative Costs
    Eliminate the high costs associated with paperwork and manual data entry by moving to a system that digitizes service delivery and extends the same data to all involved.
  • Lower Administrative Costs
    Unpredecented Productivity
    Use automation and visibility to help everyone – dispatchers, techs, managers, and executives – accomplish more with their workday—increased productivity results in increased revenue.
  • Tech Ecosystem
    Integrated Tech Stack
    Integrate service delivery with business management so both halves of the business operate in sync. Next Service runs on-platform with NetSuite, integrating more data and features.
  • Client Engagement
    Cultivate Client Relationships
    Keep digital client histories with all past work orders to streamline future service and identify asset reliability problems. Wholesalers can easily offer subscription services or preventative maintenance packages.
  • Safety & Compliance
    Consistent & Scalable Compliance
    Have techs follow checklists during jobs to ensure they comply with all applicable compliance requirements and service contracts without exception. Digital record keeping offers an easy audit trail.
  • Technician Tools
    Empower Technicians
    Give technicians an app that makes it easy to access ALL the information, documentation, and support they need in the field. Everything from morale to first-time fix rate improves.

A Service Solution for Wholesalers

In the office, the warehouse, or the field, Next Service equips everyone in a wholesale business with powerful, fully-integrated tools designed for what they do. Become more effective than ever by supporting the team with the same technology.


  • Schedule and Dispatch

    Color coding and a drag-and-drop interface simplify job scheduling. See all jobs in one place, easily change details, and filter or drill down into the details. Schedulers have complete visibility into the past, present, and future jobs, plus total control. They can even use a mobile emulator to see what techs see in their app to help troubleshoot or train. 

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    Two female colleagues working in the office of a warehouse
  • Asset Management

    Technicians have all the information relevant to an asset (or client) in an app they can reference and add to from the field. Having a complete and current asset history helps wholesalers track when equipment is due for service or replacement and make a compelling sales pitch to clients. 

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  • Inventory and Returns

    Wholesalers can track every part from end-to-end to know precisely what’s in stock and prevent leakage. Even stocking outgoing trucks with the right parts, equipment, and tools for the job has never been simpler. Returns are easier to manage thanks to automated Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs). Details consumed in the field are automatically entered into the associated sales order for accurate invoicing. 

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Next Service Lowers Costs, Increases Revenues, and Transforms Wholesalers for the Future

By taking service delivery to new heights, Next Service helps wholesalers solve their biggest business challenges while unleashing exciting and extensive new opportunities. These stats are from a coffee equipment wholesaler called Australian Beverage Corporation.
  • 60%

    faster invoicing and payment
  • 50%

    faster spare part dispatch
  • 100%

    of jobs in real-time

Turn the most challenging parts of wholesaling into the strengths that define your success.

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