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Transportation and Logistics

Field Service Management Software for Transportation and Logistics

Successfully manage drivers, fleets, and shipments on any scale with Next Service, a game-changing field service management (FSM) software that runs on-platform with NetSuite and has a fully customizable mobile app.
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Next Service has the huge advantage of being built on the NetSuite platform.

Christina Lanham, Vice President of Operations and Information Systems at ITI

Industrial Training International (ITI) trains heavy equipment operators at sites across America, requiring careful nationwide logistics. Adopting Next Service for FSM and NetSuite for ERP gave ITI a seamless platform for all their data and an interconnected toolkit to handle scheduling, inventory, and everything else, resulting in efficiency, accuracy, and profitability like never before. 

  • Scheduling
    Sophisticated Scheduling & Dispatch
    See all jobs in progress on a single board, easily pair work orders with the right driver, dispatch automatically, and efficiently resolve schedule questions/issues.
  • Inventory (1)
    Inventory Management
    Manage trucks, tools, equipment, and all other inventory from one portal that drivers can access and update on the road to keep current records about the levels and location of everything in stock.
  • Mobile app
    Mobile App
    Access the Next Service app on all major devices, even offline, for all the details and documents relevant to the job and to seamlessly exchange information with the home office.
  • Asset management
    Asset Management
    Designate anything as an asset – clients, trucks, shipments, etc. – then keep ongoing records for each asset to improve future jobs and facilitate recurring revenue opportunities.
  • Work Order Management
    Work Order Management
    Store every work order in one place people can access and add to through the app so that communication and coordination problems never compromise the client experience.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    Reporting & Analytics
    Replace paper documents with digital data, store it all in one place, and run it through robust reporting and analytics tools to help understand performance, inform decision-making, and develop plans.
  • On-Platform With NetSuite
    Native to NetSuite
    Running on-platform with NetSuite means Next Service perfectly syncs with many powerful features and impressive apps, forming a shared digital foundation for key business technologies.
  • Safety & Compliance
    Field Support
    Give people in the field checklists to follow, forms to fill out, and the ability to collect digital signatures and pictures so that meeting all job and compliance requirements isn’t more complicated than needed.

Tools with Every Trip

In transportation and logistics, the most important work happens in the field. Next Service FSM software equips companies with powerful tools to manage every job and journey running on the same platform as NetSuite. 


  • Mobile Forms & Checklists

    Ensuring that drivers meet exacting regulatory requirements and specific client expectations is as easy as having them follow custom checklists and forms loaded into their Next Service app. The app lets drivers collect digital signatures and photos automatically associated with a work order and stored in audit-ready digital format. Getting the details right is a cinch.

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  • Scheduling and Dispatch

    A comprehensive job board displays all the work currently in progress in one place where dispatchers can filter, change, or drill into the details as necessary. Schedulers can also emulate a driver’s app to see what they see. Color coding makes it easy to match jobs with drivers based on their availability to schedule appointments faster, serve clients quicker, and prevent idle time. 

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  • Asset Management

    With one place to collect and store all the details related to a client, truck, or any other significant assets, it becomes easy to track it over time. Reference those records to see when equipment needs maintenance to prevent breakdowns or learn lessons from past deliveries to keep a client happy. Selling lucrative subscription service packages also becomes possible.  

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Bring Visibility and Control to Complicated Transportation & Logistics Operations

With the combined powers of Next Service and NetSuite, ITI could streamline, synthesize, and scale its logistics operations to hit new heights for employee morale, client engagement, and yearly revenues.
  • 40

    hours saved quarterly on one task
  • 270

    Engagements Managed Annually
  • 3000

    Travel Days Managed Annually
Replacing Legacy Systems and Modernizing Operations With Next Service FSM Software
ITI credits Next Service with perfecting scheduling, upgrading asset tracking, expanding financial visibility, and integrating critical systems, leading to lower costs, higher revenues, and a stronger company.
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