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Stay competitive in the security industry by using NextService to contain costs, improve efficiency and provide exceptional field service to your customers.
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Contain Costs - and Compete!

''Do it yourself'' devices are reshaping how companies and consumers purchase security systems. To compete, savvy companies are adopting technologies - like NextService - to contain costs and compete in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Perform more first time installations/fixes – NextService makes sure that the right technicians are assigned to the right job.  And remote inventory management confirms that all needed components are on the truck before it leaves the depot.
  • Improve office productivity – schedule technicians faster and more accurately.  Office personnel have instant access to all the information they need – customers, locations, customer assets, tasks, technician location, and more.
  • Use business intelligence to improve workflows and processes – NextService provides more than 50 standard reports that provide all the information needed to determine process problems – and demonstrate the results when they are resolved.
  • Enforce the most efficient workflows and processes – the NextService mobile app can be configured to ensure that workflows, checklists and other processes are adhered to – every time.
  • Control inventory – NextService extends the power of NetSuite inventory to the field.  Technicians can consume inventory using drop-down menus or the built-in barcode scanner.
  • Increase profitability – automate preventive maintenance tasks and increase service contract revenue.  Increase technician efficiency to do more work – without additional staff.
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Checkpoint Systems automated their field service scheduling, dispatch and job completion with NextService.

Learn more about how NextService helped them reduce overheads and admin work, respond faster to requests and eliminate all paper from their field operations.

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