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Field Service Management Software for Public Service

From public safety to public infrastructure, Next Service helps officers and technicians keep the public safe and functional by organizing resources in the field effectively and quickly. Next Service brings powerful field service management software to the NetSuite platform.
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Next Service has proven to be a huge time saver.

Jeremy Leys, IT Officer at Tactical Solutions

From faster scheduling to streamlined compliance and expedited accounting, a New Zealand-based company serving law enforcement agencies used Next Service to maximize operational efficiency and move away from paper-based processes. Working entirely within the NetSuite ecosystem further helped this company to synthesize, streamline, and sharpen all their activities, in and out of the field. 

  • Scheduling
    Consolidated Scheduling & Dispatch
    Get everyone to the right place at the right time with a comprehensive job board for scheduling people in the field, dispatching info through the app, and managing everything from one place.
  • Inventory (1)
    Real-Time Inventory Management
    Track all the equipment, parts, and tools in stock, including who has them and where. People in the field can consume items with the app to update work orders and inventory in real time.
  • Mobile app
    Powerful Mobile App
    A mobile app that runs on most devices and has offline access provides everyone in the field with the data, documents, and digital tools they need to be as informed and effective as possible.
  • Asset management
    Continuous Asset Management
    Designate a client, site, vehicle, or anything else as an asset, then keep all work records for that asset in one place to track performance, improve safety, and foster relationships with clients and the public.
  • Work Order Management
    Shared Work Order Management
    Move work orders through one system that starts with scheduling and continues to accounting and beyond. All parties can access or add to these work orders, even from the field.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    Accessible Reporting & Analytics
    Understand performance and improve decision-making by using the powerful yet intuitive reporting & analytics tools in NetSuite to explore the comprehensive service data in Next Service
  • On-Platform With NetSuite
    On-Platform With NetSuite
    Operate inside the NetSuite ecosystem, creating a shared platform for field service and business management so data moves seamlessly through the company.
  • Safety & Compliance
    Direct people in the field to follow checklists, complete forms, and get digital signatures and photos according to whatever client and compliance requirements they must follow.

Public Service With Precision

Serving the public takes visibility, consistency, and careful control, all of which Next Service addresses using a comprehensive toolkit to ensure that everything happening in the field goes as planned:

  • Scheduling and Dispatch

    As calls come in, find the best person to dispatch using a color-coding system and a drag-and-drop interface. Everyone in the field appears on a detailed map, backed by the full details of each job scheduler for you to filter or change. All this information is transferred to the mobile app, which field technicians can use to replicate all the details from the office to the field.

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    Female EMS Professional Paramedic Using Tablet Computer to Fill a Questionnaire for the Injured Patient on the Way to Hospital. Emergency Care Assistant Comforting the Patient in an Ambulance.
  • Customizable Mobile App

    The Next Service app works on most phones, tablets, and laptops – even when internet access isn’t available—and includes whatever data and features the user needs because it’s highly customizable. With the ability to capture digital signatures, photos, and inventory records, the app replaces paper documents and streams digital data directly from the field to the office and into NetSuite. 

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    Technician on wooden ladder using smartphone to check data numbers of cable lines while installing fiber optic system in internet splitter box on electric pole
  • Compliance & Safety Tools

    When people in the field need to follow specific and extensive compliance requirements and safety protocols, checklists in the Next Service app show officers precisely what to do, and digital forms and documents ensure they collect the proper proof in an audit-ready format available inside NetSuite. Adapting to new and ever-evolving rules becomes easy on any scale. 

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    Industrial engineer work on site. engineer visit and inspection site engineer at industrial site. Inspector engineer check and working on site

Next Service is the High-Impact Replacement for Outdated Ways of Working

After Tactical Solutions eliminated paper documents and integrated essential data, systems, and staff members to automate data sharing, it began doing more with less, helping the company grow in size, revenue, and innovation.
  • 50%

    less administrative time
  • 2,000+

    assets managed annually
  • 30

    seconds to create a new asset
How Public Service and the Bottom Line Both Benefit From Next Service
With Next Service + NetSuite, Tactical Solutions gained invaluable business insights, resulting in exciting improvements to existing products and services and ambitious plans to expand those offerings.
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