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Field Service Management Software for Plumbing Service Providers

Make sure every job goes according to plan. Next Service FSM software optimizes all aspects of field service delivery so plumbing companies can keep their clients happy and their bottom line healthy.
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Next Service enables the technicians we already have to be much more productive

JD Slough, CFO of STH Inc.

Servicing complex water systems in four different states, STH must carefully coordinate field service. Next Service provides every tool they need on one platform with a robust mobile app that techs can access from the field. Next Service also runs on-platform with NetSuite, giving STH a single tech ecosystem for their most important apps and data. 




  • Scheduling
    Simplified Scheduling & Dispatch
    Scheduling tools, a comprehensive job board, and automatic dispatching make it easy to get any number of plumbers to the right place day after day.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    User-Friendly Reporting & Analysis
    Apply simple yet powerful reporting and analytics tools to all the service data inside Next Service to uncover insights for optimization, planning, innovation, and more.
  • Asset management
    Centralized Asset Management
    Keep complete records for every piece of plumbing you work on that technicians can reference and update from the field. Better asset management enables lucrative preventative maintenance subscriptions.
  • Mobile app
    Customizable Mobile App
    Our app contains all the information and assistance plumbers need to do the job right. It’s highly customizable on almost all devices based on your requirements.
  • Work Order Management
    Collaborative Work Order Management
    From scheduling onward, work orders move seamlessly through each part of the service lifecycle and directly into billing for greater efficiency and fewer errors.
  • Inventory (1)
    Comprehensive Inventory Management
    Track where every part, tool, and piece of equipment is managed so inventory is updated and stocked to meet all future jobs.
  • Technician Tools
    Overdue Technician Tools
    Improve the experience for plumbers in the field by giving them all the details, documents, and digital tools they need to work smarter, not harder.
  • On-Platform With NetSuite
    Transformative Tech Connections
    Running on-platform with NetSuite means Next Service works perfectly in sync with a vast suite of powerful business tools to help plumbing companies transform for a tech-driven future.

Built for Plumbing Service

Plumbing service involves technicians, trucks, tools, and more, all working in perfect sync. Next Service has all the features you need to make delivering services more efficient, productive, and profitable than before.   




  • Scheduling and Dispatch

    Quickly see which technicians have the right skills and availability for incoming jobs, leading to faster service and more completed jobs. An all-in-one job board contains everything on the schedule, color-coded for easy understanding. There’s a map view to see each plumber’s location, along with tools to filter, drill into, or revise scheduling data to resolve any possible issue.  

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  • Work Order and Asset Management

    All the data relevant to an individual work order, piece of plumbing equipment, or client lives inside Next Service, where anyone with authorization can access or amend it as necessary. Digitizing and automating this data save time on manual record-keeping while leading to more accurate billing, special service delivery, and new revenue opportunities.   

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  • Field Mobility

    Working in the field isn’t an obstacle, thanks to the Next Service app. Checklists show plumbers precisely what to do on jobs, digital forms ensure they always have the documents they need, and the app collects all necessary signatures and photos. Techs are more productive, more data is collected on-site, and clients enjoy a better experience.    

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    Pumbers Receiving Payment for Service

Next Service Cuts Costs While Raising Revues to Pipe Profits into Plumbing Companies

Successful plumbing companies minimize waste and inefficiency while maximizing productivity and profitability. Next Service excels on both ends, helping companies spend less to make more. The results at a company like STH have been impressive indeed:
  • 4

    legacy systems replaced
  • 3-5

    days faster payment collection
  • 800

    preventative maintenance contracts

Turn Service into a Competitive Strength with FSM Software for Plumbing Providers.

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