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Achieve excellence in the field with Next Service, a complete suite of tools to make service delivery more efficient, productive, and profitable that runs on-platform with NetSuite and extends wherever techs are working.
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We want to keep Next Service like our secret little weapon.

Roger Dumont, President & Co-Owner of Southwestern Scale

A company that sells, rents, and services industrial scales used Next Service to eliminate paperwork in the field and integrate all their service activities and data under the NetSuite umbrella. Coordinated and centralized like never before, Southwestern Scale used Next Service to improve service delivery, impress clients, and make each job as profitable as possible.  


  • Scheduling
    Accurate Scheduling & Dispatch
    Quickly pair work orders with the right tech, then manage all in-progress jobs from one place so that schedules run smoothly on any scale and utilize more of the technician's time.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    User-Friendly Reporting & Analysis
    Apply simple yet powerful reporting and analytics tools to all the service data inside Next Service to uncover insights for optimization, planning, innovation, and more.
  • Asset management
    Powerful Asset Management
    Track, access, and manage all the service records for any piece of equipment to inform future fixes or encourage clients to avoid breakdowns with preventative maintenance.
  • Mobile app
    Helpful Mobile App
    The Next Service mobile app works on almost any device (even offline). It replaces paper documents with digital data, forms, photos, and signatures to make life easier for everyone.
  • Work Order Management
    Centralized Work Order Management
    Everyone involved with a job can access the work order and update the details, including from the field, so that complete, accurate work orders move directly into billing.
  • Inventory (1)
    Complete Inventory Management
    All parts, tools, and equipment are managed in one place that techs can access and update from the field to reduce shrinkage, expedite service delivery, and improve reordering.
  • Safety & Compliance
    Confident Compliance
    Use the checklists and forms inside the Next Service app to ensure technicians comply with all legal and contractual requirements and have digital signatures and photos as proof.
  • On-Platform With NetSuite
    Exciting NetSuite Tools
    Next Service works in perfect sync with other business apps inside NetSuite, making it possible to run a business on a single platform that contains all data and endless features.

A Higher Standard for Service

Success and service are directly connected to companies that work on equipment. Make every trip into the field productive and profitable with Next Service’s robust toolkit for managing every facet of field service: jobs, assets, inventory, and more. 


  • Scheduling and Dispatch

    Use a clever color-coding system to match incoming jobs with technicians with the right skills, certifications, and availability, then automatically send them dispatch notifications. All jobs go to a comprehensive job board where you can filter, expand, or change details on any job. Help techs in the field with an app emulator that lets you see what they see.  


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    Industry 4.0 Modern Factory: Project Engineer Talks to Female Operator who Controls Facility Production Line, Uses Computer with Screens Showing AI, Machine Learning Enhanced Assembly Process
  • Asset Management

    However you define assets, each one is recorded in Next Service and is continually updated with every detail from every service visit. Accessing this information in the field helps techs decide how to handle current jobs based on past maintenance. You can also track and service assets as part of lucrative preventative maintenance contracts and other subscription services.  


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    A food factory inspector scrolling on tablet while standing next to a boiler.
  • Work Order Management

    Keep everyone on the same page with work orders that contain all job requirements, capture technician’s notes, and automatically get associated with customers’ assets. Techs can use a barcode scanner to record the inventory they consume on the work order or follow checklists and complete forms to ensure the work goes as planned.  


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    Asian factory worker woman hold tablet and maintenance with check part of robotic machine in workplace area

Cutting Costs and Maximizing Revenues for Complex Service Operations

Complicated equipment comes with complex service requirements, but Next Service keeps all the moving parts working together so that no resources are wasted and no revenue is missed. Auto Ingress saw these results:
  • 75%

    faster job scheduling
  • 20%

    less time managing assets
  • 0%

    increase in admin staff
Why This Food Equipment Manufacturer Chose Next Service
Vanrooy Machinery replaced an aging ERP with NetSuite and Next Service to integrate information, organize operations, and strengthen service delivery – setting the stage for significant growth potential.
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