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Field Service Management Software for IT Service Providers

Use one platform to manage everything that happens in the field. Next Service has tools that run inside NetSuite and extend into the field to optimize IT service delivery and satisfy every client.
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  • Scheduling
    Painless Scheduling & Dispatch
    Identify the right tech for each work order and manage all work in progress from a comprehensive job board where job status and tech location are updated in real-time.
  • Inventory (1)
    In-Depth Inventory Visibility
    Track all parts, tools, and equipment in inventory from one place that updates in real-time when technicians consume stock or process returns in the field.
  • Asset management
    All-Inclusive Asset Management
    Keep detailed service records of every asset, which techs can access and update from the field so that every detail gets recorded and billed.
  • Mobile app
    Flexible Mobile App
    Customize the Next Service mobile app with whatever data, documents, or workflows technicians need. The app is independent of hardware and even functions offline.
  • Work Order Management
    Shared Work Order Management
    Create work orders in Next Service that all stakeholders can easily access, share, and add to, all stored in one location within NetSuite.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    Accurate Reporting and Analytics
    Apply powerful yet intuitive reporting and analytics tools to all service data to get valuable performance evaluations and planning insights.
  • Technician Tools
    Practical Field Tools
    Give technicians digital instructions, checklists, and forms through the app to ensure they meet all job and compliance requirements—and get digital signatures and photos to prove it.
  • On-Platform With NetSuite
    Extensive NetSuite Features
    Take advantage of all the powerful features and apps within NetSuite to extend the native features of Next Service and run everything on one platform.

Profitable Tools for IT Service

By eliminating waste and inefficiency, improving client engagement, and driving new revenue opportunities, Next Service helps IT service providers become as profitable as possible using a complete field service toolkit that includes modules like these: 






  • Work Order Management

    Work orders and technicians follow the same color-coding system to quickly identify the tech with the right skills and availability. Dispatch notifications go automatically to the tech’s app, which schedulers can emulate to confirm details or resolve issues. All jobs on the schedule appear on a single job board, where schedulers can filter, drill down into, or change all components from one place.  

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  • Asset Management

    Use unlimited customized fields to create records for any IT equipment that follows it, even when relocated or sold. Those asset records include notes and details from every past service visit that techs can access on the job to inform what service they perform. Asset records can also automatically schedule service based on SLAs and service contracts. 

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  • Mobile App

    The Next Service mobile app supplies anyone in the field with work order details, asset histories, important forms and compliance documents, and whatever else they need to complete the job in one trip more often. Device agnostic and highly customizable, the Next Service app also feeds data collected in the field directly into NetSuite for precise record keeping and improved billing. 

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Improve the Quality and Consistency of IT Service Delivery for Sustained Success

By digitizing, integrating, and optimizing service delivery tools on the NetSuite platform, Next Service helps providers improve daily operations across the board and hit ambitious goals. Checkpoint Systems saw these results:
  • 5

    hours of daily data entry eliminated
  • $200k

    savings on fixed overhead annually
  • 100%

    reduction in paper usage
How a Security System Provider Used Next Service for Digital Transformation
Checkpoint Systems used the combined powers of Next Service and NetSuite to improve the speed, accuracy, and scale of their service operations and drive revenue to new heights.
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