The Next Service FSM software includes every tool HVAC providers need to make service delivery efficient, consistent, and profitable - all on the same platform as NetSuite.
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For dispatching and scheduling operations, we have improved efficiency by 85%.

Karen Welsch - Director of Operations at Ellis Air Systems

A Texas-based HVAC provider replaced several essential but under-performing systems with Next Service. Paper and manual processes were digitized and automated, improving efficiency and reducing errors. Record-keeping improved thanks to integrated data, especially billing and work order management. The bottom line benefited most from reduced waste/redundancy and increased productivity and profitability. Next Service gave this HVAC provider a whole new outlook.

  • Scheduling
    Streamlined Scheduling & Dispatch
    A comprehensive scheduling board plus innovative tools to pair jobs with technicians make it easy to manage schedules on any scale and fill every hour with work.
  • Inventory (1)
    Integrated Inventory Management
    Managers have complete visibility into parts, tools, and equipment to improve ordering and prevent lost stock. Technicians can consume assets from the field and still keep inventory updated.
  • Mobile app
    Powerful Mobile App
    An app available on almost any device gives HVAC techs access to the complete work order, asset history, driving directions, and more, keeping them informed and connected even from the field.
  • Asset management
    Ongoing Asset Management
    Ongoing asset records updated with technician notes from the field improve things like the first-time fix rate and create opportunities to sell preventative HVAC maintenance as a subscription service.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    Insightful Reporting & Analytics
    With all relevant data from Next Service and NetSuite in one place combined with powerful yet intuitive reporting & analytics tools, you can study business and service performance like never before.
  • Work Order Management
    Seamless Work Order Management
    Work orders move seamlessly through each stage in the service lifecycle and can be accessed and amended easily to keep a perfect record of each job.
  • Tech Ecosystem
    Robust Tech Ecosystem
    The NetSuite ecosystem has powerful apps for almost anything, connecting the tools for service delivery with the rest of your business and creating a robust digital infrastructure for the future.
  • Technician Tools
    Smart Technician Tools
    Technicians can follow checklists, access forms, and collect digital signatures/photos through the app to ensure they meet every requirement and have an audit trail to prove it.

Vital Tools for HVAC Service

Successful HVAC service comes from getting everyone on the same page. With Next Service, HVAC providers have a complete toolkit to manage everything involved with service delivery so that every job exceeds expectations.  

  • Scheduling and Dispatch

    Color coding creates an easy way to match job requirements with the skills and schedules of technicians available. All in-progress jobs appear on an intuitive scheduling board, where you can drill into details or filter information. Map views highlight the location of each tech in the field, and emulation capabilities help schedulers see what techs see in their app to resolve issues quickly.  

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  • Inventory Management

    The location of every part, tool, and piece of equipment is visible to managers, all but eliminating shrinkage. Techs can scan the bar code on a part to instantly associate it with a sales order, and returns are authorized from the field. Close integration with scheduling helps forecast upcoming inventory requirements to order and stock trucks.

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  • Field Mobility

    The app gives HVAC technicians access to the information and documentation they need in any situation. You can configure the app in multiple ways. Techs can also access it offline, so it’s available even when the internet isn’t. First-time fix rate, client engagement, and even technician morale all improves with an app built for the realities of fieldwork.  

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Next Service Turns Inefficiency Into Opportunity as HVAC Providers Adapt for the Future

Tomorrow’s HVAC industry runs on technology, and Next Service proves why. It gives providers powerful tools to solve problems, improve their efforts, and build their bottom line. The numbers from Ellis Air System are not unusual:
  • 50%

    less printed paperwork
  • 65%

    greater back-office efficiency
  • $30,000

    in unrecognized revenue
How Next Service Upgraded a 30-Year-Old HVAC Provider for Decades More Success
Ellis Air Systems replaced outdated technology with Next Service to integrate, elevate, and innovate their customer service. The result has been smoother operations, happier customers, and more revenue than ever.
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Put software in place that makes every HVAC service call as profitable as possible.

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