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Healthcare happens everywhere. Next Service makes sending people into the field—to install medical equipment, provide in-home care, and more—easy, compliant, and profitable like never before.
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Next Service is making huge contributions to the ways in which our field service and warranty management teams work.

Jake Lee, Senior Information Systems Analyst at Olympus

Next Service helped Olympus, which installs and services various medical equipment, condenses data from several systems onto one platform to coordinate all aspects of field service. The amount of paperwork and manual data entry dropped dramatically, in addition to confusion and redundancy, resulting in cost savings in some places and revenue gains in others.  








  • Scheduling
    Streamlined Scheduling & Dispatch
    See all upcoming jobs and all available techs/aids in one place to set the optimal schedule easily. Superior scheduling gets people on-site sooner and helps optimize their availability every day.
  • Inventory (1)
    Complete Inventory Visibility
    Anyone can search for and consume stock through the Next Service app, keeping inventory current. Better provisioning and planning lead to fewer out-of-stock issues and less waste/redundancy.
  • Asset management
    Ongoing Asset Management
    Every piece of equipment or recurring client has an individual asset record that updates from the field. Centralized records help streamline future service and facilitate subscriptions or service contracts.
  • Mobile app
    Seamless Field Mobility
    No matter where an employee is located, they have all the data and documentation necessary on their phone or laptop. Being “disconnected” from the office is not an issue anymore.
  • Client Engagement (1)
    Client Engagement
    Using technology to ensure that people in the field arrive on time, meet all expectations, and leave the client satisfied results in more repeat business and more substantial revenues.
  • Positive Staff Support
    Positive Staff Support
    People are happier and more productive with tech tools, which help them work effectively. By removing common annoyances, Next Service enables everyone to work as efficiently as possible.
  • Safety & Compliance
    Standardized Compliance
    Mandatory forms and checklists ensure that people in the field collect the data, signatures, photos, and other details necessary to comply with regulations and contracts—and in an audit-ready format.
  • On-Platform With NetSuite
    Integrated Tech Stack
    Next Service and NetSuite run on the same platform and utilize the same databases, creating a perfect sync between service delivery and business management. It is the shortcut to digital transformation.

Exceptional Healthcare from Anywhere

In a competitive and compliance-heavy industry like healthcare, there’s little margin for error with field service. The Next Service FSM software coordinates the entire team to deliver consistent results where it counts:  







  • Reliable and Flexible Mobile App

    When people in the field have questions, the Next Service app has the answers. Offline access ensures vital info is never out of reach. Putting everything relevant to a client, asset, or job in one place keeps a lack of information from becoming an obstacle to quality, timely service delivery.  

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  • Accurate Client and Asset Reports

    Keep detailed records with details entered from the field to understand what service an asset might need. Past service records help to expedite repairs and other issues. Even more promising, ongoing asset tracking helps you preemptively sell clients on service or replacement.  

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  • Safety and Security Processes

    The NextService mobile app allows companies to ensure that maintenance tasks or safety checks are performed correctly and completed in the prescribed order. The app will not allow a technician to move on to the next task or complete a job until work has been completed as defined in the company’s operational processes. This ensures compliance with governmental standards for safety and regulations that apply to medical facilities.


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Next Service Equips Healthcare Service Providers with Tech Tools that Drive Success

In addition to digitizing paper-based processes and automating manual workloads, Next Service helps healthcare providers redefine their bottom line by minimizing costs and maximizing revenues. Expect an impressive ROI thanks to stats like these:
  • 95%

    decrease in lost stock
  • 25%

    increase in jobs completed
  • 100%

    reduction in paperwork
Next Service Optimizes Administration for a Medical Equipment Provider
Olympus used the powerful combination of Next Service and NetSuite to streamline administration and run their company with the same precision as the medical devices they sell.
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